Where To Buy Milk Thistle For Dogs

where to buy milk thistle for dogs

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Can Dogs Have Milk Thistle?


It’s now possible to find milk thistle supplements designed for dogs. These are commonly given as liver support.

In general, dogs are given milk thistle for the same reason people take it. This herbal remedy is considered good for liver support. It’s often used by people suffering from chronic illness.

Milk thistle is considered a good remedy for liver support in people. More recently, this herb is being formulated for dogs. You can now find it packaged in a number of natural dog supplements, designed with liver support in mind.

Milk thistle is known to contain natural anti-inflammatory compounds. Holistic healers generally believe excess inflammation is the root cause of nearly every disease. Basically, any herb that’s good for us will also potentially help reduce chronic excess inflammation.


Can You Give Your Dog Milk Thistle?


As with other herbal remedies, beneficial effects for one organ often translate into potential wide-ranging health benefits. For instance, if someone’s liver function improves, they may have more stamina during the day. They may also sleep better at night. Also, they may notice fewer aches and pains.

It’s believed that much of milk thistle’s action comes from a substance called silymarin. This acts as an antioxidant. It also appears to help the liver heal itself.


Where To Find Milk Thistle for Dogs


Milk thistle supplements for dogs are now readily available. If you can’t find them locally, you will find them online. On this site, I like to feature products formulated for animals, because dosages differ from what humans would take. Also, small dogs will need less than larger animals. Dog supplements have clear instructions on how to calculate the dosage, based on weight.

Also, with a specialized pet product, you don’t have to worry a supplement containing ingredients a dog shouldn’t have.


Where to Buy Milk Thistle for Dogs


Please understand that I’m not an animal healthcare professional. I’m just a dog Mom who likes to use natural remedies on her own pet. (My dog is now 16 years old.) So please direct all health-related questions to your vet, including whether your dog can potentially benefit from milk thistle supplements. Your vet is the final authority on whether milk thistle is right for your pet.

If I were buying a milk thistle supplement for my own dog, I’d definitely want one that doesn’t contain potentially harmful additives. I’d also want a supplement that was formulated without alcohol. The brand I’m recommending on this page is made with vegetable glycerin.


Milk Thistle Supplements for Dogs


I’d also want to find a milk thistle supplement made from whole herbs. That’s because it’s also thought that the various compounds found in plant-based remedies work well together. Isolating a single substance may remove other beneficial components.

In general, I’d never buy or recommend an herbal isolate product. Whole herbs stand the test of time. They’ve been used for ages. Laboratory-made isolates are relatively new. They are missing the other whole plant components, which may help them work better or may mitigate harmful effects on the body.


Whole Herbs for Dogs


The brand of milk thistle I’m recommending on this page is sold by Pet Wellbeing. This is a company dedicated to natural healthcare for pets. It offers free holistic health advice.

Actually, I think this is one of the best features of Pet Wellbeing and other similar companies. Depending upon where you live, it can be difficult to find an holistic minded vet. Even at our relatively large veterinary practice, which is very open toward alternative pet care, there are many different vets. Not all of them are on the same page when it comes to alternative medicine.

Usually, we book appointments on short notice. So we can’t always pick and choose our doctor. If you’re in the same position, having this type of support can be invaluable, especially when it comes to nutrition.

It’s been my experience that dogs can respond very well to natural remedies. Our dog has used a number of them during the 16 years he’s been alive. Anyway, if you can’t find a good canine milk thistle supplement locally, Petwellbeing has one.

Pet Wellbeing Milk ThistlePet Wellbeing Milk Thistle


How Long To Give Your Dog Milk Thistle


Please remember that I’m not an animal healthcare expert. So all I can do is share my own personal experiences, as a dog Mom, of using natural remedies on my own pet.

From everything I’ve read, herbal remedies are not meant to be taken indefinitely. This is certainly the case for humans. So it’s a good thing to keep in mind when giving any type of remedy to your dog.

If it were my own dog, I’d try to work closely with an animal healthcare expert. I’d also watch my own dog carefully. If I saw new symptoms I’d immediately discontinue the remedy. My motto is only give a remedy as long as it’s needed. Once it’s done its job, it’s no longer needed. So work closely with your vet when giving milk thistle to your dog. Never give herbal remedies to pregnant females or to young puppies.


Can you give milk thistle to your dog