Where Can I Buy Rescue Remedy For Dogs?

where can i buy Rescue Remedy for dogs

If you own a skittish dog, you might be interested in a simple homeopathic remedy to naturally take the edge off. This safe and effective formula was developed in the early 1920’s by a British medical doctor.

After recovering from “terminal” cancer, Dr. Edward Bach, MD then devoted the rest of his life to homeopathy.

Seeking a better approach to classical homeopathy, which can cause unpleasant aggravations, he worked with flowers. The end result is a series of 38 flower remedies. Each of these gentle remedies is designed to address a specific emotional condition. Dr. Bach believed that if the mind was healed of negativity, the body would enjoy good health.


Anxiety Remedy for Dogs

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The most famous of Dr. Bach’s creations is Rescue Remedy. You may want to discuss this natural approach to stress with your vet. I’m not an animal professional, so I can’t give medical advice. Everything on this site is written from the perspective of a dog mom only. I love to tell our story, of how we care for our 14-year-old Cocker Spaniel.

Anyway, Rescue Remedy is a blend of five homeopathic diluted flower essences. It’s meant to be taken during traumatic events, such as a trip to the vet or to the groomer. Or, some pet owners may use it if a new animal joins the family, or a big dog moves in next door.


Where Can I Buy Rescue Remedy for Dogs?


Rescue Remedy works good for people too. But there’s a special pet formulation made with vegetable glycerin as a preservative, in place of alcohol, which is added to the human formula.

Only one drop of Rescue Remedy is needed at a time. So a single bottle should last many years. It can also be used to calm nervous cats.

We’ve owned our own bottle of Rescue Remedy for more than a decade. It’s still good. I used it recently, after I heard some terrible news.

If I were going to give my own dog Rescue Remedy, I’d put a drop in his mouth. Or, I’d make a treatment bottled with plastic spring water. Or, I’d put a drop on a pat of butter.

Bach Flower Rescue Remedy for DogsBach Flower Rescue Remedy for Dogs


Using a water bottle, I’d throw it away when the episode was over. One thing I wouldn’t do is put the remedy in my dog’s water bowl. That’s because he’d be taking continual doses, long after the stressful event passed.

Homeopathy is safe and effective. But you shouldn’t give a remedy more often than it’s needed. Bach essences are considered gentle. But a homeopathic expert I personally know recommends slow and easy, even with Bach flowers.


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