Where Can I Buy Lavender Oil For My Dog?

where can i buy lavender oil for my dog

Only recently have more people begun to use essential oils, on themselves. A newer development has been using them on animals.

However, before using them on a dog, please check with your vet. I am not an animal healthcare expert. Just a dog Mom who tries to use only natural remedies, instead of drugs.

So get your vet’s permission first. Never use essential oils on a pregnant female or a young puppy.

Aromatherapy has been popular for hundreds of years, with the exception of the 20th century. That’s when pharmaceuticals began to replace time-tested natural remedies.


Where Can I Buy Lavender Oil for My Dog?

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Essential oils are now widely used to treat acute and chronic ailments, with very good success. For instance, recently I was stung by a bee. Lavender oil quickly reduced my pain and swelling. In fact, this is one oil I’d hate to be without. It’s so useful, I think everyone should own it.

If you don’t own any lavender oil, there are several brands I recommend. One of them is Fabulous Frannie lavender essential oil.  This is a brand I’ve also used myself. I recommend it here because it has a web page dedicated to using aromatherapy with dogs. (Essential oils shouldn’t be used on cats, because they lack a liver enzyme that enables them to metabolize these highly concentrated extracts.)

If you own a dog, certain oils, such as lavender, can serve a multitude of uses. This is a very soothing oil, so it can help soothe hot spots. But before putting it directly on your dog, you have to mix it with a carrier oil base. Coconut oil or olive oil are good for this purpose.

You’d only want to use a little (maybe a drop) of lavender essential oil to one teaspoon of carrier oil. (But ask your vet what he or she thinks of this dilution ratio.) This can then be applied once or twice a day to the hot spot. Our own 15-year-old dog’s hot spot was cleared with just one application.

We also use lavender oil to manage our dog’s ear infections. Because he’s so old, and a Cocker Spaniel, this is a constant battle. This breed is especially prone to outer ear problems, due to long floppy ears. Also, the age of our dog means his immune system isn’t as strong as a pup’s, so his body doesn’t fight these yeast over growths as well as it used to.


Lavender Essential Oil for Dogs


Essential oils are a safe solution, because we can use them as often as needed. Used properly, these natural plant-based extracts also have no side effects, unlike prescription ear cream.

However, I can’t stress enough how important it is to work with your vet, if your dog has chronic health issues. This will be much easier if you can find a practitioner who’s committed to holistic dog health.

Lavender essential oil is also a good remedy for calming purposes. You can put a drop on a tissue and let your dog have a whiff, just before heading to the vet, or any other potentially stressful encounter.


Fabulous Frannie Lavender Oil for Dogs


Fabulous Frannie is one brand of essential oil I recommend for dogs, for several reasons. The first is that this California-based company sells pure oils.

The second reason is that these aromatics are not sold through a multilevel marketing operation. This means that you’re only paying for the oil, and not for several layers of commissions on each bottle.

However, here’s the most important reason. Fabulous Frannie seems committed to animal health. Although I often recommend several other brands for people, which I often use myself, Fabulous Frannie is one of the brands I feature on this siteThat’s because this company makes it clear that certain oils can safely be used on animals, provided they’re used judiciously. (Please remember to use very judiciously. Dog’s have a very sophisticated sense of smell and you don’t want to overwhelm them with strong aromatics.)

Fabulous Frannie Lavender OilFabulous Frannie Lavender Oil

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