Vetionix For Dogs

Vetionix For Dogs

Finding a good homeopath is often difficult. So there’s a really good option I want to tell you about, in case you can’t find a personal practitioner.

This is Vetionix wide-spectrum homeopathy. It’s designed to handle the most common canine complaints, such as poor digestion, skin problems, joint pain and anxiety. These remedies can be easily used by pet owners who don’t have access to a homeopath, since the company that sells them has holistic veterinarians on staff.


Our Family Homeopath


Our family has been absolutely blessed to have had one of the best homeopaths in the world. She was always able to find the right remedies for us, as well as for our dog. (Unfortunately, she has passed away, and we miss her dearly.)

Last winter, she was there for Buddy, our now 16-year-old Cocker Spaniel. He had stopped eating, and, at his age, this is very serious.

It appeared as if he were reaching the end of his life. My husband and I prepared for the inevitable.

However, now, it seems as if our dog still had a lot of living to do. A series of well-selected homeopathic remedies turned the situation around. He rebounded with a vigor we hadn’t seen in years. His appetite returned, with a vengeance. If he doesn’t get enough to eat, he loudly complains by throwing his food bowl across the kitchen floor. We’re not thrilled with this “bratty” behavior, but we’re not coming down too hard on him, considering how we almost lost him.


Homeopathic Treatment For Dogs


For a couple of years, our dog had been on a slow, steady decline. We put him on high-quality grain-free kibble. I also tried different things to boost his appetite. We could coax him to eat just enough to maintain his weight if we fed him people food.

But then it appeared as if he was getting sick. So we called our homeopath. It took a few tries. But we finally found a remedy that worked for him. After a couple of days, it was clear his interest in food had returned, and that his body was starting to heal.

Please understand that I’m not a vet or a professional homeopath. So I can’t give medical advice. Nor can I promise any particular remedy or treatment will work for your pet. Please consult your own veterinarian if you have any health concerns. This article is written for discussion purposes only, as I share my story of using homeopathy on our dog.


Homeopathic Medicine For Dogs


Homeopathy can have an amazing effect upon animals. But there’s just one catch. (Actually, there’s two.) One is that it can be difficult to find the right remedy. The other is that it’s often just as difficult finding a good homeopath.

A little more than 200 years ago, a German doctor named Samuel Hahnemann, MD, discovered a new form of healing. A tiny, infinitesimal dose of poison can cure, as long as the symptoms matched what would happen if you gave this substance full strength.


Homeopathic Dog Remedies


Homeopathy is safe and effective. It became wildly popular in Europe and in the United States. But, during the early 190o’s, this form of healing was largely abandoned in favor of pharmaceuticals.

Now, with more people seeking natural health solutions, homeopathy is in fashion again. But there still aren’t enough well-trained homeopaths. This is even more true for veterinary homeopaths.

That’s why wide-spectrum remedies are so exciting.


Vetionix Homeopathic Remedies For Pets


Vetionix makes a variety of wide spectrum homeopathic remedies for dogs and cats. These include remedies for joint pain, blood sugar problems, skin conditions, digestion and anxiety. Each formula is made with a number of the most common remedies, in varying potencies, for a particular set of symptoms. Although I still think having a personal homeopath is the best way to go, for many people this simply isn’t possible.

Even if you can find a good practitioner, the cost may be prohibitive. depending upon your budget. Homeopathic care is generally paid out of pocket.


Vetionix For Dogs


What I like a lot about Vetionix is the level of support. Homeopathy has been so helpful for our entire family. But there’s a learning curve. This is where the Vetionix telephone support and live chat feature is invaluable.

For instance, while researching this article, I wanted to know if Vetionix sold a formula for ear problems. The nice woman who responded to my chat message said “no.” But she did offer information on a popular home remedy most of us already have on hand. I appreciate the fact she was willing to share this for free. (Another option would be going to the vet, and potentially give a dog a controversial ear infection drug that can cause deafness.)

Anyway, if you’re interested in wide-spectrum homeopathic pet remedies, here’s some of the ones Vetionix offers.


Arthro-Ionix For Dog’s Joints


The company’s most popular product is Arthro-Ionix, designed for joint pain. I totally understand why it’s so popular. Joint problems are very common in older dogs, especially big dogs. Many dog owners are reluctant to give their pet powerful drugs that can have potentially serious side effects.

Arthro-Ionix is made for pets with arthritis-like symptoms, such as pain, swelling, stiffness and problems with mobility. It contains nearly two dozen common remedies, often recommended for arthritis. These include homeopathic Rhus tox, a remedy often given for stiffness when arising, which seems to loosen up when walking. This formula also contains Arnica montana, a good remedy for a bruised feeling, and Bryonia, often given for pain with any type of movement.

The Vetionix website has information on how the remedies in this formula correspond with individual symptoms. I love the fact that customers can call the company with any questions, especially if they have no experience with homeopathy.

Homeopathic Arthro-Ionix For DogsHomeopathic Arthro-Ionix For Dogs


Derma Ionix For Dogs


This is another of the most popular wide-spectrum remedies sold by Vetionix. It’s made for dogs with skin problems. It contains more than two dozen individual remedies. A partial list includes homepathic Sulphur, often given to increase vitality and to address skin complaints. This formula also contains Thuja occidentalis, one of the most common remedies for vaccination side effects. Some holistic vets believe that aggressive shot schedules are part of the reason so many dog’s now have allergies, which often show up on the skin.

If my dog had a chronic skin condition, I’d certainly want to try a natural remedy instead of steroids.

Derma IoniX for Dog Skin ProblemsDerma IoniX for Dog Skin Problems


Homeopathic Remedies For Dogs


Vetionix also has remedies to help with dog digestion, including diarrhea, constipation and lack of appetite, as well as formulas for blood sugar imbalances and anxiety. Another best seller is Anxietrex, which contains a number of homeopathic remedies designed to alleviate stress. You can see this formula below, on the left, along with Dia-Ionix, made to address blood sugar problems.

Anxietrex Homeopathic FormulaAnxietrex Homeopathic FormulaDia-IonX for DogsDia-IonX for Dogs


What To Watch For With Homeopathic Remedies


Every person is different and every dog is different. So it’s impossible to predict how any one animal will react to a particular remedy, even a wide spectrum one. When giving homeopathic remedies to either my children or my dogs, my own homeopath has told me to stop as soon as I notice healing and to let the body continue the process. Then, only give additional doses if needed. This is known as the “minimum dose” principle and it’s one I stick to, no matter what type of remedy I use. I also stop the remedy if I notice new symptoms.




Always check with your vet before using herbal or homeopathic remedies on a pregnant dog. Homeopathic remedies should not be used on pregnant dogs or on puppies. I need to stress that I’m not an animal healthcare expert. So everything written here is written for discussion only, and should not be taken as medical advice. Please direct all health-related questions to your vet. I always encourage my readers to work closely with a veterinarian.


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