Salmon Oil Capsules For Dogs

salmon oil capsules for dogs

Dogs need to have enough essential fatty acids in their diets in order to stay healthy. That’s why a growing number of canine fish oil supplements are on the market.

One of them is salmon oil, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Deficiencies in omega-3’s could potentially increase the likelihood of developing degenerative conditions, such as arthritis. This is true for dogs, as well as for people.


Salmon Oil Capsules for Dogs

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Omega-3’s help control inflammation, which triggers the disease process, in both people and in pets. This nutrient seems to exert a protective effect against cancer, joint problems, cognitive decline, heart disease and more. It also helps regulate the immune system, and modulates the allergic response.

In recent years, a few companies have started selling salmon oil for dogs, packaged in appropriate doses. Obviously, the suggested amount you’d give would be more for a mastiff than for a chihuahua, so check with your vet for advice.

I frequently urge my readers to find a practitioner with a more holistic mindset. A good diet and natural remedies is likely to keep your pet healthier. This may give you more years with your faithful companion and can save you a lot of money in vet bills over the long haul.


Fish Oil for Dog Arthritis


Oftentimes, there is a disconnect between mainstream and holistic medical advice. But this isn’t necessarily true in the case of fish oil. This is one natural remedy that’s been widely studied, especially in humans. So it’s hard to argue that it can’t benefit certain health problems, such as arthritis. Although it’s not a cure, it can reduce inflammation and relieve the symptoms.

A 2007 study published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association showed that “long-chain omega-3 fatty acids” can reduce inflammation in dogs.


Salmon Oil Benefits for Dogs


The conventional website PetMD wholeheartedly endorses fish oil supplements for dogs, as they can help with joint problems. However, it also notes that dosage is important. Too much of a good thing can result in clotting disorders. This can cause excess bleeding if an animal is injured, according to PetMD. Most animal healthcare experts, however, would agree with fish oil is exceptionally safe in the proper amounts.

As someone who uses only natural remedies on my own 14-year-old dog, I look for positive signs to see if what I’m doing is working. These include increased energy, vitality and appetite. (Our dog is very old, so we need to pay close attention to his eating habits.) If you notice good things after giving your pet fish oil, then most holistic practitioners would probably say to continue giving it. Or, if you see no benefits, then stop and shift gears. But, as always, ask your own vet for advice.


Pure Salmon Oil for Dogs


A number of companies now sell fish oil supplements designed for dogs. What I’d look for, when buying a supplement, is whether it’s derived from wild caught stock. This is the only kind of fish oil I’d want to feed my pet, because of growing concerns that farmed fish is unhealthy. Dr. Harvey’s Health & Shine (salmon oil is very good for a dog’s coat) seen here is made from wild harvested fish. (I checked with the company to make sure.) These 90 capsules are pure salmon oil and contain no additives or fillers.

They are made by a company founded by Dr. Harvey Cohen, PhD., an animal nutritionist who realized 30 years ago that dogs need to consume wholesome ingredients in order to maintain their health. He developed a line or products designed to keep domesticated animals healthy.

Dr. Harvey's Salmon Oil for DogsDr. Harvey’s Salmon Oil for Dogs