Safe Healthy Dog Treats

safe healthy dog treats

Dog owners undoubtedly pay a premium for “all natural” biscuits, made with genetically modified corn.

Many crops are now engineered, which enables them to survive applications of a controversial herbicide known as Roundup. It’s hard to make a case that eating Roundup residue would be good for your dog. Also, there’s the issue of the GM corn itself.

Lab rats in France fed genetically modified corn developed enormous mammary tumors. Although this type of research hasn’t been done on dogs, as far as I know, prudence dictates that GMOs are something your pet doesn’t need.


Safe Healthy Dog Treats


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If you’re in the habit of giving treats to your dog, one option is to buy organic dog treats. By law, USDA-certified organic products cannot contain genetically modified ingredients. So you can rest assured that you’re not feeding your dog GMOs, found to cause cancer in other kinds of animals.

Although the fact that GMOs have (so far) only been shown to cause cancer in lab rats, my personal belief is that I don’t want my dog to be a guinea pig. There’s a lot we don’t know about genetically modified foods. Many more studies are needed. Meanwhile, I won’t be buying treats that are potentially made with GMOs.


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Many pet owners are now looking for healthy dog treats made in the USA. Dog food manufacturers know this, which is why you’ll now find a lot of “all natural” dog treats that claim to be healthy.

But a quick look at some of the ingredients shows otherwise. One package has labeling that leads you to believe its boned-shaped biscuits are good for your dog, because they contain no artificial preservatives. However, what they’re not telling ¬†you is that corn is a main ingredient.


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The fact that these treats are also made in America shouldn’t set you at ease. That’s because nearly all of the corn grown in the United States has been genetically modified. A number of countries around the world have banned imports of American corn, including Russia and Peru.

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