Quality Healthy Dog Training Treat

quality healthy dog training treat

In recent years, there’s been growing awareness that dogs need healthy food. This includes treats, as well as regular meals.

Training treats are often used during puppyhood. This is also the best time to instill good eating habits. If you’re concerned about your dog’s health and longevity, you’ll probably want to avoid feeding him genetically modified ingredients.

Although no one (as of yet) has conclusively linked the rising incidence of dog cancer with GMOs, French researchers have found that engineered corn does raise the risk of cancer in laboratory rats. This study, conducted at the University of Caen, has not been widely reported on in the United States. This might have something to do with the fact that our grocery stores are filled with genetically modified foods, including the pet aisle. In Europe, which has strict labeling laws, consumers have decided not to buy products with GMOs.

If you purchase a bag of training treats at the supermarket, unless it says otherwise, it’s probably safe to assume it contains genetically modified ingredients. Nearly all of the corn, soy and canola grown in America has been engineered.


Healthy Training Treats for Puppies


Most treat makers stress that their products are made in the USA, following bad publicity of harmful ingredients added to some dog products made in China. But you still need to read the labels. Many packaged treats contain sugar or natural flavorings, which could be a code word for MSG. One brand contained sodium nitrate, which some holistic health experts believes is carcinogenic.

Fortunately, due to market demand, healthier treats are now available. You can even get organic training treats. Your local grocery store may not carry them, but they’re easily found online.


Quality Healthy Dog Training Treat


Here are some healthy baked pumpkin dog treats made by Grandma Lucy’s. These are USDA-certified organic, so they don’t contain GMOs.

Organic Pumpkin Training Treats for DogsOrganic Pumpkin Training Treats for Dogs