People Toothpaste For Dogs

People toothpaste for dogs

Veterinarians warn us against using human toothpaste on our dogs. That’s because dogs tend to swallow and not spit.


People Toothpaste for Dogs


What most people don’t realize is that these pastes are poison, if you consume too much. That’s why warning labels on each tube state that in the case of accident ingestion, you need to contact a Poison Control Center immediately. Only a “pea sized” amount is supposed to be used for children under the age of six.

Most concerning is the sodium fluoride, an industrial waste product, adding to the toothpaste, allegedly because it helps control cavities. Many natural health experts are also recommend against exposure to sodium lauryl sulfate. This foaming agent, found in many cosmetics, may form cancerous compounds when it’s mixed with other ingredients.

Of course, this begs the question of why these chemicals are allowed in toothpaste at all. Even if we manage to rinse our mouths thoroughly, we’re still exposing ourselves to these toxins.

This is why veterinary experts recommend specially formulated pet toothpaste. There are various brands on the market, but not a lot of choices. Try to find one with the fewest objectionable chemicals.