Neem Oil Benefits Dogs

Neem oil benefits dogs

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Many dog owners are understandably worried about using chemical flea products. I know that I’m so worried that I’ve never used them on our 16-year-old pet.

More people are also looking for natural solutions to common canine skin problems, such as eczema and fungal infections.

Fortunately, a number of excellent all-natural pet products are now available, including at least one natural flea solution made with neem.

Neem comes from the seeds of the neem plant, a botanical that grows throughout India and other parts of Asia. It is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. Neem has a special affinity for the skin, dog as well as human. It’s one botanical that can safely be used externally on your pet.

Not all medicinal plants are good for dogs, even if they work well for people. So, first, you have to make sure that any herbal remedy you plan to use, is safe for your pet.

Also, concentrations that are safe for humans may need to be lowered for pets. This is one of the reasons I like to recommend specific products designed for dogs and cats.


Flea Shampoo for Dogs That Works


Richard’s Organics neem oil is designed to be added to shampoo, in order to provide a natural chemical repellent for fleas and ticks, and to heal hot spots that might have developed. On the skin of many older dogs, as well as those suffering from allergies, you may see patches of bald, red and irritated skin. These are hot spots and they’re very uncomfortable.

The bottle shown below contains only 100 percent natural neem. It offers a chemical-free alternative to flea control and skin maintenance.

Neem Oil for Flea ControlNeem Oil for Flea Control


Neem Oil Benefits Dogs


Neem has been widely used for many centuries in India. It is just now being discovered by people in other parts of the world.

Pet owners often turn to natural remedies after exhausting chemical options. Holistic treatments are all that we use on our elderly dog, because his body is not designed to process the various chemicals found in many conventional flea preparations. Although I have no proof, I have a hunch this is one of the factors that has contributed to his longevity.

In my own humble opinion as a dog owner, and not as a veterinary professional, I think chemical flea control is scandalous. This huge multibillion dollar industry continues to push unsafe products, which have led to the documented deaths of dogs.

Also, flea collars pose a threat to both the dog, as well as to any humans living in the house, according to the National Resources Defense Council. This group published a paper showing that high levels of dangerous chemicals can be found weeks after the collar is placed on the dog.

I’m so happy there’s a growing awareness of the safer options that exist. These all-natural products are safe and effective. I look forward to the day when non-toxic flea control is our only choice.