Natural Supplement For Dog With Arthritis

natural supplement for dog with arthritis

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I think it’s really important for dog owners to know that natural arthritis supplements exist. They also need to know where to find these drug free alternatives to help reduce pain and increase mobility.

Conventional veterinary care for arthritis carries some potentially dangerous side effects.

Joint problems plague many dogs as they age. Big dogs are especially likely to suffer from painful mobility issues. Although your dog can’t tell you that something hurts, you may notice difficulty ascending or descending stairs. Or, your pet may no longer jump on his favorite chair. He may not be as eager, as before, to run for the door when he sees the leash in your hand.

The idea behind all forms of treatment is to make your dog as comfortable as possible. Both regular and holistic vets have this same goal in mind. However, these two disciplines approach things from a much different direction.

Conventional vets often recommend a drug-based approach. This can include pain relievers and steroids to control inflammation. Surgery may also be suggested, including joint replacement.

A practitioner with a more holistic mindset, however, will instead take a look at your dog’s overall health. If weight is a contributing factor, your dog may need to consume less calories. Many natural vets also like grain-free diets, in an effort to reduce inflammation.

We feed our elderly dog wholesome, organic people food, as well as a kibble without corn or other grains. I believe this diet has lengthened his days.


Effects of Steroids on Dogs


Steroids are widely prescribed in veterinary medicine. There’s question that taking them, especially long term, puts your dog at risk for other problems. They can suppress the immune system and increase the risk of infections.These drugs can also make animals anxious and aggressive. In addition, they increase the risk of heart attack. This is a serious consideration in older animals.


Natural Supplement for Dog With Arthritis


In recent years, an increased number of natural joint support products have come onto the market. The natural joint supplement for dogs seen here is Dr Harvey’s Orthoflex.┬áIt contains more than two dozen anti-inflammatory herbs and superfoods, including bee pollen, spirulina, dandelion, turmeric and more.

This supplement was formulated by an animal nutritionist, so you know it’s safe. Not all herbal remedies are good for dogs, so there’s a certain peace of mind in using a product made especially for dogs.

Herbal remedies also have the ability to heal, as well as to relieve symptoms. Many of the ingredients in this formula appear to be good for detoxification. This seems to be designed to help reduce inflammation, instead of just masking it.

Dr. Harvey's Joint SupplementDr. Harvey’s Joint Supplement