Natural Remedies For Dogs With Colitis

natural remedies for dogs with colitis

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Colitis in dogs is very common. At some point in their lives, most dogs develop inflammation of their large intestine. Owners may notice diarrhea, often marked with blood. Fortunately, this problem usually resolves itself within a few days.

Our own dog experienced this soon after bringing him home from a shelter. This issue wasn’t on his health report. So I assumed it was new. I chalked it up to stress. One dose of a common homeopathic remedy solved the problem for good.

If I didn’t have a homeopathic remedy on hand, and the problem persisted, my next step would have been to try an herbal canine digestion formula.


Natural Treatments for Dog Colitis


Chronic colitis is more difficult to control. This is especially true if it’s due to an allergic response, or an autoimmune condition. Conventional treatments are similar to what happens with human colitis. These can include heavy -duty drugs, including steroids. (You should be aware that steroids have potentially serious side effects, especially if taken too long. Please follow the link at the end of this article on steroid use in dogs.)

Colitis that doesn’t resolve quickly needs to be checked. Sometimes, it’s caused by a parasite. Or, your dog may be eating something you’re not aware of, but doesn’t agree with him. There could also be something stuck in his intestines.

If your dog isn’t seeing a holistic vet, and you’re not 100 percent happy with his conventional care, now might be an excellent time to make a switch. Practitioners with a more holistic mindset are more likely to recommend natural remedies for dog colitis.

Some holistic animal care experts strongly suggest gluten-free, grain-free diets for dogs. However, if your dog already suffers intestinal distress, you should do this only with medical help. A sudden dietary change can exacerbate the problem.


Natural Remedies for Dog Diarrhea


Since I’m not a vet, I can’t give medical advice. So this post is written as information only. Your vet needs to have the final say as to whether you should try these on your own pet. This is doubly important if your dog has chronic digestive problems. Chronic colitis can be serious. So proceed carefully, and with medical help.

But, since I’m a dog Mom, I can tell you about various natural digestion remedies. In recent years, the holistic dog health care market has exploded. There’s a growing realization that drugs, while sometimes necessary, don’t get to the root cause of a problem.

Pharmaceuticals may mask the symptoms. But they often don’t lead to better health. This is why it’s so important to work with a holistic vet. When problems arise, drugs probably won’t be the first suggestion. Instead, lifestyle changes to support the overall health of your pet is the goal.

For instance, we work with a homeopathic practitioner. When our elderly dog has a problem, she’s the first one we call. Recently, he lost his appetite for a couple days. Since he’s nearly 15, this is a huge deal. A well-selected remedy got him eating again.

Then, he had eye irritation. It appeared to be conjunctivitis. Another remedy cleared it so quickly we didn’t have time to get him to the vet. With the problem solved, there was no need for a doctor visit.


Only Natural Pet GI Support


A number of natural herbal remedies are designed for dog digestion. If it were my dog, and nothing else worked, these would be my first choice, before considering drugs. One formula that seems to help many dogs is Only Natural Pet Gastro-Intestinal Support. It contains multiple ingredients, including probiotics, amino acids, digestive enzymes and herbs, such as slippery elm bark, licorice root and alfalfa. In general, herbalists like multi-plant formulas because the various ingredients work in synergy.

This is an excellent product for older dogs in need of digestive support. It’s certainly worth a try, if all else has failed.

Digestive Supplements For DogsDigestive Supplements For Dogs

Homeopathy for Dog Digestion


We’ve been able to call a professional homeopath when our dog wasn’t feeling well. I realize, however, that not everyone is able to do this. Good homeopaths are hard to find. It’s even more difficult locating a really experienced animal practitioner.

Homeopathy works amazingly well. But only if you choose the right remedy. We’ve found that it resolves our dog’s symptoms faster than anything else. Right now, at the advanced age of 14, I wonder if we’d even still have him if we didn’t have good homeopathic care. (This is coupled with a grain-free diet, and essential oils for his ears.)

Although this healing modality is incredibly effective, you won’t see good results unless you’re using well-selected remedies. This usually means you need to work with a homeopath. However, there’s still another option, if you can’t find an experienced practitioner.


Natural Remedies for Dogs With Colitis


Vetionix is an American-based company that makes wide spectrum homeopathic remedies just for pets. These are designed for specific conditions, such as itchy skin, joint pain and digestion. Each formula contains the most common remedies, for a certain set of symptoms. For instance, the Vetionix H2O-IonX formula is made for diarrhea, constipation, flatulence and vomiting. It contains 11 remedies in different potencies. What I like about this company is that once you buy its products, you can contact them for ongoing support.

If no other relief was available, this would also be something to consider. Homeopathic remedies are safe and have no side effects. It it were my dog, I’d use it to see if it alleviated his troublesome digestive symptoms. Once I saw this happening, I’d probably hold off on giving another dose until it was needed.

Homeopathy can work very well for dogs. Our own 16-year-old dog is living proof. However, I need to stress that I would not plan to give my dog any homeopathic remedy indefinitely. I do one dose. Then I wait. Only if I feel it’s needed (a return of symptoms) would I consider giving a second dose. If it were my dog I wouldn’t be focused on using the entire bottle. If one dose could fix it, I’d consider it money well spent.

Homeopathic Remedy for Dog Digestion

Natural remedies for dogs with digestive problems