Natural Eye Care For Dogs

natural eye care for dogs

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My dog’s eyes are very precious. Especially since he doesn’t hear well anymore. Buddy is a Cocker Spaniel, and he’s now 16 years old. (We adopted him from a no kill shelter, and this is the absolute youngest he can possibly be. Of course, we’re hoping to keep him around as long as possible.)

Occasionally, I’ve noticed some extra gunk around Buddy’s eyes when he wakes up in the morning. When I see this, I wipe his eye area with organic chamomile tea.

Then I follow this up by putting a little (less than a teaspoonful) of apple cider vinegar on the nape of his neck. Then, I rub the vinegar in and wait for his eyes to clear.

Don’t ask why how or why this works. That’s because I don’t know. All I do know is that a lot of dog owners swear by this method for occasionally clearing up excess eye mucus.


Natural Eye Care for Dogs


However, I do need to stress that if your dog has conjunctivitis, or any type of eye irritation, you’ll first need to see a vet to rule out anything serious, which could potentially affect your dog’s vision. Then, once you do that, your vet will probably tell you that you’re free to try various home remedies.

Please understand that I’m not an animal healthcare expert. So I can’t give medical advice. All I can do is share my story of how I keep my elderly dog healthy, and how we’ve tried to keep him away from various toxins throughout his life. (For instance, we’ve never once used chemical flea products. Instead, we use natural essential oils on our dog’s collar.)


Homeopathic Remedies for Dogs Eyes


Anyway, at one time, my dog’s eyes required medical expertise. He woke up with an eye that was glued together. Fortunately, we were able to solve the┬áproblem with a specific homeopathic remedy. Even though I had a vet appointment scheduled, I was able to cancel it, because his eye was perfect within a half hour of taking the remedy.

We are so lucky to have found an incredible homeopath. She somehow manages to find the right remedy for everyone in the family, including our dog. Dog homeopathy is one thing I love to tell my readers about, because it’s worked so well for us.

Our dog has responded so well to well-selected remedies. I wish everyone had access to this type of care. However, I realize good veterinary homeopaths are very hard to find. Personally, if I were looking for one, I’d want to find the most knowledgeable practitioner available, regardless of whether he or she specialized in animals. I’d much rather find a skilled people homeopath, compared to a vet who might dabble in homeopathy. A good homeopath will tell you when he or she is unable to help. Or, he or she will be able to consult with a colleague who specializes in animal care.


Dog Eye Home Care Remedies


For routine eye maintenance, to relieve discomfort, to help remove anything that may have gotten in your dog’s eye or to clear tear stains, you may want to think about a natural eye wash sold by Only Natural Pet, and available online. This Colorado-based company, as the name implies, is totally dedicated to natural pet care.

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