Yellow Lab Tee Shirts

Labrador retrievers are now the most popular dog breed in the United States and in a number of other countries as well.

In addition to being physically beautiful, they have exceptionally agreeable dispositions. Mild mannered and obedient, they are often used as guide dogs for the blind or as therapy dogs for people who need extra support.

Now you can wear what looks like a very realistic image of a yellow lab, complete with snout, folds, fur, ears and other features, in what appears to be a three-dimensional canvas.

This t-shirt is sold by All Posters, an online art house that sells high-quality designs such as this. It features a gallery of animal shirts imprinted with dogs, cats, bears, geckos and more.

People often buy these shirts as presents for animal lovers, or for anyone who wants to get a reaction while wearing it, as they look incredibly life like.

The shirt below comes in sizes ranging from small to the very generous 5XL, which is three sizes bigger than XXL. Click to View Price.

Yellow Lab Tee Shirts

Fun Labrador Facts

  • This breed, as the name suggests, originated in Canada.
  • Also, as you can probably guess by their name, they are very adept at retrieving things, on land or water.
  • Labradors are considered highly intelligent, according to those who’ve observed them in action, while offering assistance to hunters or fishermen.
  • Yellow labs in recent generations have been bred of a lighter shade than earlier dogs.
  • Labradors have toes that appear webbed, a physical feature that helps them navigate in the water.
  • These dogs have a very good sense of smell.
  • Since they were bred to retrieve, Labradors love playing ball games and love retrieving balls.
  • Because they are so friendly, and like people so much, Labradors don’t always make the best watch dogs. Instead, they may want to play with a stranger who appears at the front door.
  • Labradors love human attention. (However, if you own one of these dogs, you probably already know that.)