Umbrellas for Dog Lovers

The story of Laurel Burch is one of triumph over adversity. She was born with a rare bone disease, and was raised in a difficult environment, according to the website that features her licensed products. Eventually, she settled in San Francisco, where she found love and acceptance within the art community.

Although Burch died in 2007, her whimsical animal prints are still available. The “Dogs and Doggies” pattern on the umbrella below typifies her style, of colorful two-dimensional animals against a dark background.

Laurel Burch Umbrella

Burch’s following only seems to grow. Animal lovers seem to be especially captivated by her creations of cats, dogs and horses. Shown here is a 42-inch stick umbrella.

Laurel Burch UmbrellaLaurel Burch Umbrella


Raining Cats and Dogs Umbrella

This beautiful umbrella takes that old expression to describe a downpour literally. This Galleria umbrella is designed to keep you dry, even when it’s “raining cats and dogs.”┬áThis folding umbrella extends to an arc of 41 inches. The fiberglass ribs are also designed not to break.

Delivered in a gift box, this would make a wonderful Christmas, Mother’s Day or birthday present for a dog or cat lover.

Cats and Doggies UmbrellaCats and Doggies Umbrella


Pug Dog Umbrella

This striking pug dog umbrella features a closeup of a pug, a charming and comical breed believed to have originated in China. Pugs are now very popular in America and elsewhere. This high-resolution image is designed to prevent fading.

Pug Dog UmbrellaPug Dog Umbrella


Umbrella With Dachshund Print

This stylish item with silhouettes in the shape of those lovable dachshunds also spans a generous 48-inches. A high-quality parasol, this also has fiberglass ribs to prevent against bending and breakage. This is made buy San Francisco Umbrella Company, which makes cat and dog-themed rain gear featuring a variety of breed.

Dachshund Print UmbrellaDachshund Print Umbrella