Pug Salt Pepper Shaker

Is there anything cuter than a couple of pugs?

The only thing that comes close is a pair of pug themed salt and pepper shakers.

Due to the enormous popularity of these little dogs, which were first bred in China, there’s now a wide selection of pug-related products sold on Amazon and elsewhere.

Among these items are salt and pepper shakers, which show a boy and girl pup kissing, a bride and groom set and silver-plated pugs staring straight at you. Also, you can find whimsical pugs in teacups and much more.

These decorative dogs would make a great for someone who owns one more more pugs, or whom is thinking of getting one. You don’t even have to be a pug owner to appreciate the comical and entertaining nature of this breed.

Pug Salt Pepper Shaker

Kissing Dogs is a very popular style for retro-style salt and pepper shakers, which feature different breeds, such as the pair of pugs shown below. These are made by Westland Giftware. which has a selection of other iconic items. The muzzles stick together with magnets.

Pugs Kissing Salt and Pepper ShakersPugs Kissing Salt and Pepper Shakers


Kissing Pug Salt and Pepper Shakers

Pacific Trading, which has a large selection of antique-looking gift ware, makes these teacup pugs. Despite the vintage look, these pugs and the ones shown above are new items.

Kissing Pug Salt and Pepper ShakersKissing Pug Salt and Pepper Shakers


Silver Pug Salt and Pepper Shakers

This set of silver-plated pug shakers are a bit more formal. It’s hard to take pugs all that seriously, but this pair is so prim and proper that they’d even be at home with your best china and real silver. These beautiful dogs are made by Godinger, which specializes in fine crystal.

Silver Pug Salt and Pepper ShakersSilver Pug Salt and Pepper Shakers


Pug Wedding Cake Toppers

Westland Giftware sells these adorable wedding pugs, which would make a perfect gift for that pug-loving couple just starting out. These could also be used as a wedding cake topper. Or, they’d make a great anniversary present.

Pug Wedding Cake ToppersPug Wedding Cake Toppers


Novelty Pug Salt and Pepper Shakers

These shakers have a slightly exaggerated pug look, which is no surprise, because they’re designed by a company called Pug – madamepOmm, which makes many other items that capture the essence of this very special breed.

Bug Eyed Pug Salt and Pepper ShakersBug Eyed Pug Salt and Pepper Shakers