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I’ll admit that I don’t own a pug. The dog in my life is a Cocker Spaniel. Still, I cannot help but think that pugs are among the cutest creatures on earth. Hundreds of years ago, these adorable dogs were treasured in China. So much so that they even had their own bodyguards. Later, when they came to Europe, they were the toast of the upper classes. Fashionable people owned pugs and had their portraits painted, with pugs on their laps. Back then, dogs also loved to go for rides, in carriages. So pugs were dressed up like coachmen, and they got to sit in front of the carriage.

Pug Owner Gifts

Because these dogs are so lovable (and comical), this is undoubtedly why there are so many cool gifts for pug lovers. If we were going to feature all of the many pug themed gifts available, we’d quickly run out of room. So, here, you can see some of our favorites.

Pugs Not Drugs Top

Pugs Not Drugs TopPugs Not Drugs Top


Square Pug Mug

Square Pug MugSquare Pug Mug


Pug Monopoly Game

Yes, you can spend hours purchasing toys for your pugs, and further increasing their value by getting them bones, instead of hotels, as you would do in traditional monopoly. If you have limited time, you can also play the one-hour version of this game.

Pug Monopoly GamePug Monopoly Game


Pug Shaped Pillow

Everyone who loves a pug could definitely use a pug-shaped throw pillow. Or maybe two, for either side of the couch. This adorable and realistic-looking pug pillow is made in America and measures 16.85 by 18-inches.

Pug Shaped PillowPug Shaped Pillow


Pug Scarf for Women

This whimsical scarf is covered with pugs. It’s perfect for the cold weather, and also for showing the world how much you love pugs. This scarf is made with a generous amount of material. It measures 70-inches long and is 35-inches wide. There’s enough pug material to wrap it twice around your neck.

Pug Scarf for WomenPug Scarf for Women


Christmas Gifts for Dog Lover

Pugs are very popular. These little dogs have captured the hearts of many Americans. (Just like the did the Chinese and Europeans in previous generations.) So they’re now among the top 20 dog breeds in the United States, according to one pug authority site. However, among city dwellers, they’re definitely in the top ten in terms of popularity.

Not surprisingly, there is a mind-boggling array of pug gear. So if you’re still undecided about what to buy the pug lover in your life this Christmas, you can always get a gift card, so they can pick out their own pug-related present. Amazon has an amazing array of pug gifts, including socks, jewelry, calendars, decorative plaques, tea infusers, Christmas bulbs, salt and pepper shakers, wine bottle stoppers, coffee mugs, bobble heads, car window decals and more. The Merry Christmas Amazon gift card shown here comes in varying denominations.

Christmas Gifts for Dog LoverChristmas Gifts for Dog Lover


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