Pug Gag Gifts

pug gag gifts

Pugs are very comical looking, and acting. They are reportedly lazy by nature, but they still like to follow their owners around.

Through the centuries, they’ve been selectively bred to have bizarre-looking features. Their face is compressed, and their oversize eyes look a bit misplaced, a little too far from the center of their face. Their short, squat bodies are anything but dignified, which is why a veritable industry has sprung up around pug gag gifts.

These gifts appear to be scooped up by pug lovers and friends of pug lovers, who realize that such a gag gift is always appreciated. As much as people love their pugs, they are well aware of the hilarious side to owning one of these dogs.


101 Uses for a Pug


For instance, did you know there are 101 Uses for a Pug?┬áThis is a book appears to be a big hit with pug lovers, who probably purchase it for other pug lovers. If you haven’t already found a number of uses for dog, perhaps this book can help make your dog more functional.

101 Uses For a Pug101 Uses For a Pug


Where to Buy Pugopoly


There’s not much more I can say about this new twist on a classic game, except, if you have a pug. you’ll probably love it.

Pugopoly Board GamePugopoly Board Game


Pug Million Dollar Notes


This one is sure to raise a few eyebrows if you pull this out of your wallet. Just don’t try spending it all in the same place. I wonder how many pugs it would buy.

Pug Million Dollar NotePug Million Dollar Note


Pug Decorative Pillow


Because it’s so hard to take a pug seriously, there’s no end to the many types of joke and gag gifts centered on this breed, which is thought to have originated in China. Here is a really cute pug cutout pillow that seems to capture that quizzical pug expression. This pillow measures 16.85 by 18-inches and is made in America.

Pug Decorative PillowPug Decorative Pillow


A Pugs Guide to Etiquette Book


Have you tried to teach your pug manners, to no avail? This book should be able to help you understand your pet a little better, so you don’t expect too much, beyond what he or she is capable of. This book attempts to get inside of a pug’s mind, so some of the seemingly odd behavior begins to make sense.

A Pug's Guide to EtiquetteA Pug’s Guide to Etiquette


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