Dog Memorial Portraits

dog memorial portraits

We become so attached to our pets that we think of them as members of the family. Some people, living alone, may even consider their dog or cat as their family.

These treasured companions brighten our lives. However, they often pass away before we do, as the average lifespan of a dog, depending upon the breed, is only about 10 to 13 years. Domestic cats live only about 15 years.

Losing a pet is one of life’s hardest experience, and the grief is intense.

Since our pets are only with us a relatively short time, we want to appreciate them as much as possible now, and remember them after they’re gone.

One way to do this is to commission a portrait of your pet. If you don’t know an artist personally, it’s possible to commission a beautiful portrait online.

A number of artists are offering their talents online, and they are willing to create a custom piece of art you can treasure forever. One gallery is called ArtbyJulene, and the artist will make a handmade custom pet portrait. Here is a sample of her work.


Dog Memorials Gifts

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Custom Pet Portrait will also do a totally hand drawn 12 by 16-inch drawing of your pet. You can see a sample of this gallery’s work below. Dog memorial portraits make great gifts for a dog lover who’s lost a beloved companion.

Custom Pet Portrait GiftsCustom Pet Portrait Gifts

Custom Portrait Paintings also offers pet portraits. You can see a sample of the work below of an 8 by 10 oil painting of a dog.

Custom Oil Pet PaintingCustom Oil Pet Painting

Personalized Dog Paintings


Annette Bennett Art can create a personalized dog painting for your pet, or for someone else’s, if you wish to give it as a gift. These are watercolor paintings, and various sizes are available.

Personalized Dog PaintingPersonalized Dog Painting


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