Costumes for Pug Dogs

costumes for pug dogs

People have been dressing their pugs for centuries.

Ever since this Chinese breed first arrived in Europe, sometimes in the 1500’s, pug owners quickly recognized the possibilities of putting these bizarre-looking, but incredibly cute, dogs in costumes.

Pugs remained immensely popular throughout the Continent, especially among the nobility. (Previously, they had been very much fancied among Chinese emperors.)

Queen Victoria, in particular, took to these delightful little animals. But even before her reign, these compact little dogs, with their impossibly short snouts, had become fixtures around royal houses and courtyards. Many paintings from the time depict noblemen and women with a pug on their laps.

Pugs often traveled with their masters. One trend that spread throughout Europe was to have these little dogs ride up in front with the coachman, dressed in an identical outfit.

Costumes for Pug Dogs

Outfitting pugs is still a popular pastime. Because they are so comical looking, they lend themselves to being attired in fancy and silly costumes, as you can see from the book below.

Pugs in Costumes BookPugs in Costumes Book


The Pugs in Costumes book is filled with pugs posing in all types of situations, pugs in dreadlocks (Bob Pugley), Scarlett O’Pugra, Pugzilla and much more. Pug owners looking for some inspiration on how to dress their animals should really like this book. I’m sure, after looking through this book, you will come up with many of your own ideas as well.

Yoda Costume for Pugs

If you still need more help, there are numerous pug costumes you can buy off the shelf.

For instance, the Star Wars Yoda costume below seems to look especially good on a pug, although it can be worn by other breeds and comes in sizes ranging from extra small to large, which would fit a dog that measures 28-inches in length.

Medium is designed for a dog that measures about 17-inches in length, from the neck to tail, about the size of a pug.

Yoda Costume for PugsYoda Costume for Pugs


If this pug costume doesn’t work for your dog, there are a seemingly endless variety of others, as a growing number of people, judging by the wide array of off-the-shelf outfits available, enjoy dressing up their dogs for parties or for other special occasions.

Superman Costume for Pugs

Your dog might think he’s Superman, but if he wears this costume, out in public, people might even start to believe him. This really cute costume is sold by Rubies Costume, which makes a wide variety of dog outfits for all occasions.

This superman costume comes in sizes ranging from small to extra large. A medium would probably be just the right size for a pug. The cape is also detachable, so, depending upon the event, you could decide to dress him just in the shirt. Of course, this could be used for other breeds, but pugs look especially cute dressed as superheroes.

Superman Costume for PugsSuperman Costume for Pugs


Taco Costume for Dogs

This really cute taco costume with the Mexican-style sombrero comes in various sizes. A medium would probably work for the average weight pug dog.

Taco Costume for DogsTaco Costume for Dogs


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