Basset Hound Tee Shirt

Modern technology allow for very realistic images to be printed on t-shirts and other items.

This incredibly detailed Basset hound tee shirt shown below is made from cloth. But, amazingly, even close up it looks like fur.

This three-dimensional look will certainly attract a lot of attention, especially if you own a Basset hound and you wear it while you’re with your dog.

This t-shirt would also make a perfect gift for someone who likes Basset hounds and either owns one, wishes they did or plans to get one someday.

Sold by All Posters, an online art house, this shirt comes in seven sizes, ranging from small to 5XXL, which is three sizes up from men’s XXL, which would fit someone that measures 25 to 26-inches in diameter around the chest.

This shirt comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Click to View Price.

Basset Hound T ShirtBasset Hound T Shirt


Fun Basset Hound Facts

  • Basset hounds have a very sophisticated sense of smell, eclipsed only by that of bloodhounds.
  • The word “Basset” can trace its root to a French word that means “low,” an appropriate description for these stubby-legged dogs.
  • The appearance of a Basset hound, with folds of skin around their neck and long floppy ears, actually increase their ability to smell, since these features help keep a scent close to their face. If they are following a scent on the ground, tiny particles will be captured by their ears.
  • A Basset hound’s ears are so long that pups may fall over them, or even injure themselves by chewing them while they’re eating.
  • Most Basset hounds live only about 11 years.
  • One of the oldest of this breed lived nearly 17 years.
  • This breed emerged in France, with the oldest written record of a low-lying dog, or a “bas” dating back to the 1500’s.
  • Basset hound rescue groups sometimes hold events known as “waddles” to raise money for the cause.
  • The shoe brand “Hush Puppies” has significantly raised the profile of the Basset Hound, as this is the breed featured on its logo.