Make Your Own Dog Treats Food

make your own dog treats food

Some dog owners are making their own treats. Here are a few reasons why.

American-made treats may contain genetically modified ingredients. Pet products that come from Asia don’t have a good safety record.

A few years ago, it was widely reported that hundreds of dogs were killed or injured after eating chicken jerky treats from China. This followed an earlier incident of Chinese-made dog food contaminated with melamine. This caused the death of about 100 pets.

American-made treats may contain corn, soy or canola oil. If that’s the case, there’s a high probability they’re made with genetically modified ingredients. (You should assume it is, unless it’s labeled USDA organic, or the package clearly states no GMOs.)


Dog Treats Without GMOs

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As we become increasingly concerned over what we put into our own bodies, considering how many packaged and processed products are genetically modified, we also worry about what our pets are eating.

Human, as well as canine cancer, has reached epidemic levels. Whether this is at least partly fueled by consuming GMOs is a matter of great debate. Early research from France is not encouraging.

One researched at the University of Caen discovered something alarming. Rats that were fed genetically modified corn developed large mammary tumors. We don’t know if dogs, or humans, are similarly susceptible. But, until we have more answers, many people, myself included, have decided that GMOs have no place in our kitchen.


Dog Treat Recipe Books


So, if you’re looking for GMO-free dog treats, one option is to buy organic. Or, you can choose a product not made with GMOs. (It will be labeled.) Or, you can whip up your own homemade dog biscuits.

If you’re wondering how, author Janine Adams explains how to make 50 different types of treats in her book, You Bake ‘Em Dog Biscuit Cookbook. Some of these recipes also provide instruction on making treats with certain health benefits.

Dog Biscuit CookbookDog Biscuit Cookbook

Make Your Own Dog Treats Food


Probably the easiest way to make a homemade dog treat, which looks like the ones you purchase in a package, is with a dog treat maker. This unit also comes with some of its own organic and gluten-free recipes. Once you mix the ingredients, it’s just minutes until completion. This unit works much like a waffle iron, so you can churn out an entire batch of treats relatively quickly.

Electric Dog Treat MakerElectric Dog Treat Maker


Silicone Dog Treat Pan


If you don’t mind a tiny bit of extra work, dog-themed silicone cake pans are available. The one shown below will make 18 dog treats in the shape of a bone, measuring a little over 1.5-inches in length. This would also make the perfect gift or housewarming present for a dog lover.

If the recipient is not inclined to bake, this pan can also be used as an ice mold to make bone-shaped ice cubes.

Silicone Dog Treat PanSilicone Dog Treat Pan


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