Is Kibble Good for Dogs?

Is kibble good for dogs

About a year ago, we made a move away from kibble and began giving our dog more table scraps. Because I try to cook mostly organic food, I realized that eating real food would probably be a lot better for him than eating chemicals.

The list of ingredients on some kibble brands is alarming. In addition to the artificial ingredients, this food is heavy on the grains. Corn is a main ingredient. In the United States, nearly all corn is genetically modified. This means your dog will be getting a heavy dose of GMOs, which have been linked to cancer in laboratory rates.

Is Kibble Good for Dogs?

However, even after we began giving our dog more people food, which he loves, we still supplemented with kibble. Our pet is now elderly, and, apparently, his body rebelled against all the grains. He began drinking a lot of water, classic signs of diabetes. This is a common problem among elderly dogs, most of whom have spent a lifetime eating a highly processed diet.

We immediately removed the grain-based kibble from his diet, and started cooking for him from scratch. Since we don’t have unlimited funds, or time, we did need to supplement with a grain-free kibble. We believe this has helped him immensely. This kibble has also been a time saver. Without it, I’d need to cook our dog’s meals from scratch.

If you’re concerned about the health of your dog, talk to your vet about replacing your dog’s corn-based kibble.