I Cut My Dog’s Quick

I cut my dog's quick

What happens if you’re trimming your dog’s nails, and you accidentally cut the quick?

Well, expect to see some blood. Your dog will also feel some pain.

If this happens, though, don’t panic. Most likely, it’s not a medical emergency, and you can stop the bleeding at home. One online veterinarian recommends using styptic powder to help stem the blood. If you don’t have any of this on hand, try regular wheat flour or cornstarch.

In the future, though, you may want to invest in a nail trimmer that has a built-in safety device.

I Cut My Dog’s Quick

Many dog owners are understandably reluctant to trim their pet’s nails. They worry about cutting too deeply, and with good reason. If you clip into the quick, the pink fleshy area close to the paw, your dog will bleed. (If you’ve read this far, you probably already know this.)

That’s why many people prefer to leave this task to the groomer. However, if you prefer the DIY approach, you can find clippers designed to prevent you from nicking the quick.

One is theĀ Safari Professional Nail Trimmer. It has a safety stop that prevents you from cutting too much. If your dog has dark nails, this allows you to trim just a little at a time. (You can also put some baby oil on the nails, so the quick becomes easier to see.)

Safe Dog Nail Trimmers

Oftentimes, it’s necessary to trim a dog’s nails in between trips to the groomer. A short-haired dog may not need frequent professional visits for his or her coat, but nails continue to grow. This device gives you the confidence you need to do the job at home. There are definite advantages to clipping your dog’s nails yourself. One is that groomer visits can be stressful for dogs.

With our own dog, now aged 14, we don’t like to bring him to the groomer more than absolutely necessary. That’s because he gets so upset. Even though we have an excellent groomer, my heart still breaks when I have to leave him there, because I can see him shaking.

These clippers come in two sizes, small/medium and large. They can be used on cats as well as on dogs.

Safe Dog Nail ClipperSafe Dog Nail Clipper


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