Homeopathy For Dogs With Arthritis

homeopathy for dog with arthritis

Those of us who use homeopathy believe it’s very powerful. It’s one of those things you have to see for yourself, as it seems unlikely such a simple solution can bring about powerful healing.

Homeopathy also has the potential to also help dogs, according to many dog care experts.

Since I’m not an animal care professional, I can’t cite myself as an authority. However, as a “dog Mom,” I’ve seen the wonderful effects of this 200-year-old form of healing, on my own pet.

Homeopathic remedies are very powerful. But they must be used with care. For best results, you should work with a professional homeopath. Good and well-trained veterinary homeopaths are hard to find, especially in the United States.

Given the choice, I’d pick experienced practitioner who primarily treats humans, over a vet who dabbles in this discipline. Our family homeopath also treats our elderly dog.

Having remedies on hand has even averted a disaster, such as the time our dog went into our backyard and came back with a bloody ear. Bleeding profusely, and without an emergency vet in our area, I needed to do something quickly. One dose of homeopathic calendula solved the problem. His ear healed so well that we didn’t even need to bring him to the vet the next morning.


Homeopathy for Dogs With Arthritis

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I knew what to do because for years I’ve been working with an incredible homeopath who’s also a good teacher. This is why I always recommend the most experienced practitioner available, even if animal medicine is not his or her specialty.

Here’s why. Choosing the right homeopathic remedy is very important. But so is dosing. One common mistake is giving too many repeated doses of the same remedy. This can backfire, in a big way, causing symptoms to worsen. If you’re treating an arthritic dog, this can result in a temporary increase in pain, along with decreased mobility. However, just one or two doses instead might lead to deep healing, without this “aggravation.”


Homeopathic Remedies for Dogs With Arthritis


That’s why it’s so important to work with an experienced homeopath, as you’re trying to ease your dog’s discomfort. But, if you can’t find a professional, there are some homeopathic preparations that claim to help with canine arthritis. But these must be used with care. If you purchase a liquid preparation, which instructs you to put it in your dog’s water bowl, please don’t, as I’ll explain in my next post. Find a way to give it to him directly instead, even if you have to put just a tiny bit inside his jaw.

Even a tiny amount of the remedy still gives the full benefits. (Please remember that I’m not a professional homeopath. So, for best results, consult a professional.)

Homeopathy can oftentimes bring about deep healing, even with a chronic underlying condition. If you can’t find a personal practitioner, you can always try Arthro-IonX. This is sold by a company called Vetionix, which has two holistic vets on staff that can answer your questions. It appears to have helped many dogs with joint pain and mobility problems. If it were my dog, I’d certainly want to try this natural remedy, before considering steroid treatment, which can have serious health repercussions.


Homeopathic Remedy for Dog ArthritisHomeopathic Remedy for Dog Arthritis