Homeopathy For Dog Diarrhea

homeopathy for dog diarrhea

Homeopathy has helped our dog immensely. Now that he’s old, this natural healing method seems to have revived his tired body.

When he was younger, homeopathy saved us a number of vet visits. Once, shortly after bringing him home from the shelter, he developed diarrhea. But his digestion quickly returned to normal, after taking a homeopathic remedy. (No need to call the vet.)


Natural Treatment for Dog Diarrhea

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I’ll also explain how this amazingly effective form of medicine can possibly help other dogs with diarrhea, even if you don’t know a homeopath. A number of excellent wide-spectrum homeopathic remedies have come onto the market. Although it’s always better to have a personal practitioner, these professionals are very hard to locate. So one option for chronic diarrhea is a remedy called Digestrex, designed for all types of dog digestion problems.


Natural Remedies for Dog Diarrhea


If you’re not familiar with homeopathy, it doesn’t seem possible that highly diluted remedies, mixed with water, can lead to very deep healing. But here’s what’s been happening with our dog lately.

Recently, he fell into a pattern of not eating well. He was also sleeping a lot and he seemed to have little energy. This had happened before, about a month earlier. We got him to eat by changing his food, for a day, and adding some people food to his grain-free kibble. But this problem returned. Since our dog is now 15, I worried this was the beginning of the end.

I’ve also studied homeopathy on my own for nearly 20 years. So it was the first thing I considered. If the situation had continued, for a second day, I realize we’d have to see the vet. This was something I wanted to avoid, because our dog finds vet trips very stressful. Also, I was worried the news wouldn’t be good, and the vet may not have a solution.

So I found a specific remedy that matched our dog’s symptoms. If I needed help, I knew I could call our excellent family homeopath, who also has experience with animals.

First, I took one pellet of the remedy and placed it between two pats of butter. (It’s never a good idea to put a remedy in your dog’s water bowl, as he’ll receive too many doses this way, potentially aggravating his condition and making it impossible to tell if the remedy is working.)


Natural Appetite Stimulant for Dogs


My dog ate the butter. I watched him closely for the rest of the day, and he didn’t seem any better. He still refused his regular food, even though he seemed hungry. He did eat some people food. My husband and I worried. But it didn’t seem to be a medical emergency just yet, because he was eating and drinking.

The next morning his appetite returned. He was lively and woke up early in the morning. He didn’t sleep the morning away, as he’d been doing for a couple of months. When I put his leash on, to go for a walk, he bounded outside. The remedy had restored him to health, at least for now. At his age, I know anything is possible. It’s also likely the remedy will need to be repeated once or twice. But for now, he’s doing much better.


Natural Diarrhea Remedy for Dogs


As I mentioned earlier, it’s difficult to find a good veterinary homeopath. In the United States, there are relatively few practitioners. Each remedy matches a particular set of symptoms. Because there are so many remedies to choose from, you need professional guidance, unless you’re already familiar with homeopathy. But if you don’t have a homeopath, and you’re looking for a solution to your dog’s chronic diarrhea, it can’t hurt to try a broad spectrum remedy such as Digestrex. This formula contains 11 different remedies for digestion, in varying strengths.

Homeopathic Remedy for Diarrhea in DogsHomeopathic Remedy for Diarrhea in DogsHomeopathic Remedy for Diarrhea in Dogs

Homeopaths like to prescribe remedies by a principle known as the “minimum dose.” This greatly reduces the likelihood of aggravations caused by taking too many doses. If I were using a wide-spectrum homeopathic remedy on my dog, I’d stop after noticing improvements. I’d only give another dose if the problem returned.

I don’t know how this would work in an acute situation, which we encountered recently with our own now 15-year old dog. In this case, we gave him a single remedy that closely matched his symptoms.


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