Homeopathy For Aggressive Dog

homeopathy for aggressive dog

Some dogs are more difficult to train. They may be aggressive toward dogs, or towards people. Oftentimes, it’s a combination of both.

By one estimate, approximately 6 million animals end up in shelters each year in the United States alone. The number one reason owners relinquish their dogs is due to behavior that’s not brought under control. About one third-of the dogs now residing in shelters are there because of behavior issues.

According to one study conducted by a local Humane Society, not all of the problems cited by owners was abnormal. Some of it was just the usual puppy antics that caught inexperienced owners off guard.

But aggression that isn’t outgrown, and is a deep-rooted part of the dog’s personality, is another matter. Sometimes, even the best training won’t solve the problem. Or, the animal will slowly revert back to its old ways once the intense training sessions end.

I won’t go into the reasons for dog aggression here, because volumes of material on this topic have been published elsewhere. If you’ve read this far, chances are a dog in your life has become hard to handle.


Natural Remedies for An Aggressive Dog

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Of course, effective training is the primary way of controlling aggression. But there’s another potential option that dog owners should be aware of. This can be used to augment your behavioral modification program.

You can also try this if all else fails. There are anecdotal reports of positive behavioral changes in both dogs and cats, following appropriate homeopathic treatment. The hope is that it might make the difference between being able to keep a dog, or release him to a shelter.

These anecdotal reports do not arise from controlled clinical trials. But there are numerous case studies, published by veterinary homeopaths, showing that animals respond very well to specific remedies. We’ve been using homeopathy on our own 15-year-old dog ever since we brought him home from the shelter at the age of 3.

Unfortunately, many conventional practitioners dismiss homeopathy. This is true especially for human doctors. Many holistic veterinarians, however, are open to the idea.

Please understand that I’m not a licensed animal care practitioner. So everything you read here is my personal opinion only. I’m writing from the perspective of a dog Mom who likes to use homeopathic remedies. I can also assume no responsibility if anyone tries homeopathic treatment for an aggressive dog, and it fails.

Also, be aware that homeopathic remedies are not magic. Always make sure an aggressive dog is kept on a short leash, away from people and especially small children.


Homeopathy for Dog Aggression


Ideally, if you have an aggressive dog, you should find a good veterinary homeopath with experience in treating canine aggression. The reality, however, is that these practitioners are rare. You may not have one in your area. Don’t be afraid of working with someone long distance. We’ve had very good success with homeopaths who’ve lived far away. It’s much better to find someone who knows what they’re doing, no matter where they live, than to choose a closer, but less-experienced homeopath.

This professional will take your pet’s case, and then prescribe one or more remedies. It may take time to see positive results. You may need a series of remedies before it appears as if it has worked. Your homeopath will try to address layers of issues, some even arising generations earlier in your dog’s lineage. Sometimes healing happens in a two steps forward, one step backward approach. Don’t get discouraged.


Homeopathy for Aggressive Dog


If you’re not able to find a homeopath, there’s another potential option called Pet Alive Aggression Formula. This contains a homeopathic blend designed to curb bad behavior. It’s sold by a company that specializes in natural pet health. This may possibly allow you to live in peace with your pet. It’s also worth a shot before deciding there’s nothing more that can be done to manage your dog.

Pet Alive Aggression Formula is sold in either granules or a spray. Both will last a very long time, because only a little is needed.

If it were my dog, I’d JUST USE ONE DOSE and see what happens. I’d absolutely hold off on additional doses if I noticed an improvement. In that case, I’d just let the remedy work. Then, I’d only repeat the dose again if the benefits seemed to wear off. I’d be very careful of repeat dosing.

This is a homeopathic remedy and too many doses could potentially lead to what’s called a “proving,” which is an increase in the symptoms you’re trying to get rid of. I believe this could explain why this formula seems to work for some dogs and not for others. Homeopathy can be amazingly effective. You just have to be careful of “provings.”

Pet Alive Dog Aggression FormulaPet Alive Dog Aggression Formula

I’m not a homeopath. I’m a wife, mother and dog owner. When my children were little I used homeopathy as a first line of defense when they were sick. Usually we needed no other intervention. I’ve worked with two excellent homeopaths over the course of nearly 20 years.

My current homeopath has told me to never give another dose of a remedy, until you’re certain the last one has worn off. Otherwise, you run the risk of a temporary increase in symptoms. That’s why you’d probably want to take it easy with a remedy designed for aggressive dogs. At least that’s what my own homeopath would tell me.

If it were my dog, I’d give one dose and see what happened. If I saw something positive, I’d wait until the effects wore off before giving another.


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