Homeopathic First Aid For Dog Injuries

first aid for dog injuries

Please remember that I’m not a vet, and that I’m writing this only from the perspective of a dog owner who uses homeopathy. Our dog is now 16, and we’ve been using homeopathy ever since we brought him home from a shelter, when he was 3 1/2.

He was an aggressive boy. A real Alpha male. Thank goodness he was a Cocker spaniel, and not a bigger more aggressive breed. One night we let him out in the backyard to “do his business.”

He apparently relieved himself. And got into a scuffle.

He came inside. He had a bleeding puncture wound on his ear. This was late at night. Emergency veterinary care was a good 45-minute drive away.


Homeopathic First Aid for Dog Injuries


My husband was also out of town when this happened. In addition, I also had two young children at home. I couldn’t leave them alone i the house while I rushed our dog for treatment. The bleeding didn’t seem life threatening. But even if it was, we still have a 45-minute drive ahead of us.

Thankfully, I had a number of homeopathic first-aid remedies on hand. I had been studying homeopathy for years. I knew what remedy to use.

By the time I could have gotten my children, along with the bleeding dog, loaded into the car, we were able to bring the bleeding under control. This meant it was no longer an emergency. If it was a life-threatening emergency, I would have found a way to get him to the vet. But I would have given him the homeopathic remedy anyway.


Canine Homeopathy Training


Of course, the time to prepare for such an event is long before it happens. At the time, I had been studying homeopathy, on my own, for a number of years.

And I also had a professional I could call in case I needed extra support. So, if you don’t know a homeopath who treats dogs, you might want to think about becoming more familiar with this form of medicine, just in case you need it. There are specific canine homeopathy remedies¬†that can be used for injuries, depending upon whether or not an animal is bleeding. That way you could have them on hand.

There is also a specific remedy that is commonly used if an animal has gastrointestinal upset, or food poisoning symptoms. I took my homeopath’s advice. My dog needed only one dose of the remedy to bring the bleeding under control. Any more than you need and you run the risk of an “aggravation”

Proving a homeopathic remedy means you see an increase in the symptoms you’re trying to get rid of .


Essential Oils for Dog Injuries


Certain essential oils can also be used for minor skin problems, provided you do your homework and use them very sparingly, always well diluted. A few oils should never be used on pets, so this is something you’ll need to research. Better yet, turn to your vet. I believe your vet should be the one who decides what essential oils you use on your dog and when you use them. Never use them on pregnant females. Don’t use essential oils on cats.

Of course, when your dog is injured, nothing substitutes for professional emergency care. In the event of a serious situation, your first priority is getting him to the vet.