Holistic Vet Vaccine Recommendations

holistic vet vaccine recommendations

Is your own vet a little heavy-handed when it comes to vaccinations? Is he or she still calling your animal in for annual “boosters.”

You should be aware that a number of years ago, the recommendations for canine vaccines changed. Now, most shots are only supposed to be be given in three-year intervals. However, in practice, this isn’t what seems to be happening, at least not everywhere.

“Puppy shots” and jabs for older dogs are wildly profitable. So is the follow-up care when injury occurs. This, of course, does not take into the account the heartbreak experienced by dog owners, when a previously healthy pet develops a chronic or a life-threatening condition.┬áStories abound on the Internet about this happening, and sometimes pet owners feel they have no choice than to put their dogs down.


How Often Do I Need To Vaccinate My Dog?


It’s no secret among vets that “vaccinosis” can and does occur, and, potentially, the results can be devastating. That’s why it’s so important to find a vet that you trust. One who puts your pet above any financial consideration. An even better idea, I believe is to find an holistic-minded vet.

If you’re not careful, the risk of an adverse vaccine event is possibly higher than in previous generations. That’s because animal vaccine schedules can be very aggressive, depending upon the vet. This is why it’s so important to choose the right practitioner, preferably one with a holistic mindset.


Holistic Vet Vaccine Recommendations


Pet owners should be also know that holistic veterinarians exist, and that, in general, their vaccine recommendations greatly differ from mainstream vets. It’s the holistic vets who’ve sounded the alarm on the downside of animal vaccines.

Of course, if you live in the United States, depending upon the state, rabies vaccine may be mandatory. But others are not. Even the most staunch vaccine advocates recognize that there are inherent risks of certain “core” and “non-core” shots.


Which Dog Vaccines are Absolutely Necessary?


So, what sort of vaccine schedule do holistic veterinarians suggest? Please be aware that this can vary from practice to practice. However, safe to say, any pet doctor who takes a more natural approach to wellness is probably well versed in the risks of vaccination, to say nothing of “over vaccination.”


Holistic Vaccine Schedule for Pets


Some holistic vets prefer no vaccines, except those required by law. Under these circumstances, at least one vet with an online website mentions “homeopathic treatment immediately” after receiving a vaccination.

There is a specific homeopathic remedy often given following vaccination. It’s so commonly recommended that virtually any animal homeopath will know about it. If you can’t find a local veterinary homeopath, then you might be able to find a good practitioner online, and work with him or her by telephone. Human homeopaths may also be able to help.

Dog owners can only benefit from education about the issue of canine vaccinations. It may also be a good idea to consult with a holistic vet, before making any decisions. A Healer in Every Home, shown below, is a great place to start learning about natural dog care.

A Healer in Every Home BookA Healer in Every Home Book


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