Holistic Dog Treats Made In USA

holistic dog treats made in USA

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The problem with potentially toxic dog treats from China has received a lot of press. That’s a good thing, because most people are now aware that buying these products potentially endangers their pets.

This is why many dog owners now insist on buying only treats made in America. Unfortunately, though, sometimes Chinese ingredients can still slip through, according to the FDA. That’s because the origin of everything that’s added to the treat doesn’t have to be listed. It can be made in America, but still contain potentially toxic parts from another country.

So all of the treats shown on this page are manufactured in the United States, from home-grown ingredients.


Dog Treats Made in America


Some of the first hints of trouble came in 2007. That’s when we started hearing reports of dogs and cats becoming sick from pet foods that contained Chinese ingredients. Later, it was discovered that the problem was melamine, a chemical product being passed off as wheat gluten. This led to recalls and an indictment of the officers of one US-based company.

Since then, pet owners have been wary of buying treats made overseas. But you still have to be careful, even if the label says Made in the USA. Consequently, the FDA has issued a warning, which reads, “manufacturers do not need to list the country of origin for each ingredient used in their products,” and also, “thus may still contain ingredients sourced from China or other countries that export to the U.S.”

That’s why it’s very important to know where the ingredients are coming from. Actually, the fewer ingredients the better. Online, I was able to find single-ingredient dog treats made from cage-free chickens raised in the US.


American Jerky Dog Treats


Apparently, the FDA still continues to field reports of illnesses in dogs, likely caused by tainted treats. A 2015 publication noted that the agency has had in excess of 5,000 reported incidences of animals (mostly dogs) getting sick from what appears to be contaminated treats. This has caused more than 1,000 dog deaths, noted the FDA.

According to the FDA, the biggest offenders appear to be jerky treats made with Chinese materials. This is why it’s really important to know where and how jerky pet treats are made.

All of the treats shown here are made by Jones Natural Chews. This is a Midwestern-based company that uses only meat raised on American soil. I called the Illinois office just to make sure and was basically told there was “no chance” of foreign ingredients finding their way into these treats.

Jones Natural Chews Variety BagJones Natural Chews Variety BagJones Natural Chews Chicken TaffyJones Natural Chews Chicken Taffy

Polkadog Treats


Polkadog Treats are made in the USA, right in the South End of Boston. Several “dog bakeries” are found within the city and its environs. These hipster shops sell Polkadog treats, made from single-ingredient locally sourced foods. The haddock treats shown here contains just haddock skin.

Polkadog Training TreatsPolkadog Training Treats<

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