Holistic Cancer Treatment For Dogs

Holistic cancer treatment for dogs

I hate to bring up the dreaded “C” word without at least touching upon the topic of alternative cancer treatments for dogs. Please understand this post is written entirely from the perspective of a pet owner. I’m not a veterinarian, so everything you read here is not to be taken as medical advice. Also, I’m not responsible for treatment decisions or outcomes.

Instead, this article is for information and discussion only. That’s because I believe everyone with a sick dog has a right to know about all of their options. Not every pet owner will choose chemotherapy. If their dog is found to have cancer. It may be more than you can afford, or it may not be indicated if the animal is very old and frail.

Or, you may be concerned about the side effects of these drugs. If that’s the case, you may want to explore alternatives. Also, it’s very difficult to find good information on the effectiveness of chemotherapy in dogs, especially elderly ones.


Should I Put My Dog Through Chemotherapy?


With our own 16-year-old dog, we research everything before automatically subscribing to the standard health recommendations. We make our own decisions, always trying to care for him as holistically as possible. He’s responded very well to natural remedies, especially homeopathy.

Even at an advanced age, his body has shown the potential to heal itself. We are blessed that we’ve been able to work with an excellent homeopath, whom has carefully chosen the right remedies.

Recently, he’s also faced a cancer crisis. We are treating this naturally. I’ll explain more about our decision at the end of this post.


Holistic Cancer Treatment for Dogs


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Sadly, there isn’t a lot of research into holistic options for dogs with cancer. As with human cancer, the focus is on finding new drug protocols, which are often not done with the intent to cure, but to prolong the life of the patient. Whether or not these pharmaceuticals do, indeed, offer more time is a matter of great debate.

However, there does seem to be some success with inducing remission in dogs with lymphoma, a very common type of canine cancer. But not all pet owners can afford the associated costs, which can very easily total $10,000 or more.

This is why it’s important for everyone to realize alternatives exist. There are many different approaches that people use on their sick pets. These would fall into the realm of “alternative medicine.”

You can find out about these natural approaches by doing an Internet search. Or, you can read in the book shown below about how one chiropractor cured his own elderly dog of cancer, without chemo or radiation, using an all-natural approach.  In my own humble opinion, this is the type of information that needs to reach every dog owner.


Dog Cancer Survival Book


I often tell my readers to try to find a holistic vet, one who is well-versed in the latest and most effective non-toxic therapies. Hopefully, Dog Cancer: The Holistic Answer can steer you in the right direction, so you know what to look for when searching for the right practitioner.

This 102-page book offers encouragement. The first chapter is title, You Can Cure Your Dog. Chapter 4 tells pet owners how they can remove toxins from their dog’s environment. The author includes information on genetically modified ingredients, as well as flea and tick products, among other potential poisons a dog may encounter. (I personally believe part of my dog’s longevity is due to the fact I’ve never once put a chemical flea product on his coat, or used a chemical flea collar.)

Dr. Steven Eisen also outlines what alternative treatments can be used, including vitamins, herbs and homeopathic remedies.

Holistic Dog Cancer BookHolistic Dog Cancer Book


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Unfortunately, it appears as if our dog has cancer. He has a growth on the lower lid of his eye. Our vet is nearly certain it’s cancer. “I don’t know what else it could be,” she told us.

We chose not to have it biopsied. That’s because the results wouldn’t change our treatment plans. We’re choosing not to do surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. In order to do those, we’d need a biopsy. Instead, we’re proceeding as if it’s cancer.

Plus, a biopsy would be painful. And it would be expensive. A simple biopsy would probably cost between $400 to $800 dollars. If he needed sedation, this could cost as much as $2000. Instead, we’d much rather spend the money on supplements and natural treatments. I need to point out that this is a personal decision. Especially given our dog’s advanced age. Every case is different. Every dog is different. What’s right for us may not be right for anyone else.


Dog Cancer Treatment Options


Natural treatments can be expensive as well. But that’s where we’d rather spend our money. I have a veterinarian homeopath lined up, in case we need him. However, the homeopathic remedy I chose myself seems to be working well. He said to stay the course, unless it stops working. So far, the remedy appears to have stopped the bleeding. If you’re dog has cancer, it’s imperative to seek advice from a professional, as we’re doing.

Also, we’re giving our dog three supplements. I can’t claim or promise they will work for anyone else’s dog. Nor can I claim they’ll eradicate my own dog’s cancer. But below you can see what he’s taking. I hope these supplements can make the growth shrink. Or at least stop it from growing more. From what I can see, our dog seems to be responding best to the mushroom supplements.


Mushroom Supplements for DogsMushroom Supplements for DogsOjibwa Herbal TeaOjibwa Herbal TeaDog Immune SupplementDog Immune Supplement

Can You Use Natural Cancer Treatment On Dogs?

Holistic cancer treatment for dogs

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