Himalayan Salt For Dogs

Himalayan salt for dogs

I like to sprinkle a little Himalayan salt in my dog’s meals. Apparently, Himalayan salt is good for dogs, as well as for people. It contains a wide range of minerals, in just the right amounts.

In recent years, this natural pink salt has become a popular alternative to table salt. Actually, it’s all the rage. Consequently, this has expanded into the pet care market. Natural salt licks for animals are now available.

I could get one of these for my dog. But we already have powdered Himalayan salt in the house. It’s the only type of salt we own. So we don’t really need to buy a lick.


Himalayan Salt vs Table Salt

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Most holistic health experts take a very dim view of table salt. This unnatural and highly processed product has been stripped of its nutrients. From what I understand, the body recognizes it as a foreign substance, similar to a drug. It then works hard to clear it from your system.

In our house, we use only pink Himalayan salt crystals on our food. Our dog eats this as well, when we share our meals with him. Since he prefers people food, this is often. I cook organically, so I know our dog is eating well.

A few times, for a treat, I’ve given our dog a little organic butter sprinkled with nutritious Himalayan salt. Our dog is 14 years old, and, at this stage in his life, he needs all the support we can give him.

This delicious pink salt is mined in the Himalayan Mountains. Most of this salt, now shipped around the world, comes from Pakistan. It’s taken from deposits buried deep in the earth, untouched by pollution.

Is Himalayan salt good for dogs


Himalayan Salt for Dogs


There’s compelling evidence that having adequate nutrients in your diet is very important to your health. In the years right after World War II, one Hungarian researcher named Jozsef Beres, PhD., made a connection between a mineral imbalance and cancer. He noticed that when farmers in his country switched to chemical fertilizers, the cancer rate shot up. He theorized this was due to an excess of certain minerals in these products, which crowded out the trace minerals.

Later, in his clinical work, he developed a supplement designed to restore these vital nutrients. He began giving it to terminal cancer patients, with impressive results. Oftentimes, after a year, their cancer disappeared.


Is Himalayan Salt Good For Dogs?


Please understand that I’m not implying that Himalayan salt will cure or prevent cancer. All I’m doing is sharing with you my reasons for putting a little on my dog’s meals. As with any dietary supplement, please check with your vet before giving this or any other type of special salt to your dog’s diet. I’m a dog Mom, and not an animal healthcare expert. So I always urge my readers to work closely with their vet.

Himalayan salt is used by many as a supplement, as well as a flavoring. It contains the full range of minerals often lacking in our diets today.

Pink Himalayan SaltPink Himalayan Salt


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