Vet’s Best Allergy Support

Natural Allergy Pills for Dogs

Seasonal allergies are a problem for many dogs, just as they are for many people. However, in canines, the symptoms may differ. In addition to red eyes and sneezing, the problem often shows up on the coat, in the form of irritation and red spots. You may notice your pet scratching a lot or rubbing his body against objects, in an attempt to alleviate the itching. This may eventually result in bald spots. Or, you pet may have very itchy feet.

Many of the more holistic vets recommend a natural product, such as Vet’s Best Seasonal Allergy Support, shown below. This contains herbs, such as stinging nettle leaf and perilla leaf extract, which many herbalists believe contain immune-modulating compounds. Other healthy ingredients include spirulina and chlorella, which help with the detoxification process. This formula also contains bee pollen, often taken by humans to strengthen the body against pollen-triggered allergies.

The bottle shown below contains 60 tablets that can either be chewed or ground up and placed in food.

Vet's Best Allergy SupportVet’s Best Allergy Support



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