Healthy Dog Treats

GMO free dog treats

GMO Free Dog Treats

We don’t feed our dog standard treats. Instead, our elderly pup gets dry grain-free kibble and some goodies from our kitchen, provided they are healthy. On occasion, we toss him some organic free-range chicken scraps, which he loves, and leftover organic veggies. When we have sweet potatoes, we try to remember to give him the peels.
Nonetheless, dog treats are very popular. They serve a very useful purpose, especially if you’re trying to train your pet.
However, you should be aware that many of the brands you may find in the grocery store may contain all kinds of unhealthy stuff, including genetically modified ingredients.
Are GMOs bad for your dog? I can’t say definitely, because the research hasn’t been done on dogs, at least as far as I’m aware. But we do know what happens when lab rats are given genetically modified feed. Eventually, the develop huge mammary tumors, the equivalent of human breast cancer. Pictures of these poor little creatures are widely available on the Internet, and they show massive malignancies, so large that the body of these rodents is deformed.

Healthy Dog Treats

This study was done at the University of Caen in France by a lead researcher named Dr. Gilles-Eric Seralini, PhD. On one You Tube video, which doesn’t seem to be available anymore, Dr. Seralini said he believed similar American research did not follow the animals long enough, to see if they developed cancer, and prematurely concluded that GM ingredients were safe.
Many people may not be aware of the main reason certain crops are genetically modified, and grown with foreign genes never before found in nature. This allows these crops to be sprayed with a potent and controversial herbicide known as glyphosate, developed by Monsanto. Without genetic modification, these crops would die, along with the weeds.
In the United States, most corn, soy and canola have been engineered to withstand applications of glyphosate. The American public is largely unaware of this controversy. Unfortunately, we do not enjoy the same protection as Europeans, where it is illegal to sell GMO products without a label.
Anyway, knowing the potential risks of genetically modified food, I do not feed it to my family.
However, if you like to give your dog treats, there are some GMO-free options.
One is to buy a brand that doesn’t contain GM ingredients, such as the Plato Pet treats shown below.

Dog Treats With Sweet Potatoes

Plato Pet EOS Turkey and Sweet Potato Dog Snack is one of the growing number of healthier treats on the market. These affordable treats are both grain free and GMO-free, and made from turkeys raised in the United States. There are no fillers, artificial colors or flavors, and no synthetic chemical preservatives. These can be ordered in bulk.

Plato Pet Turkey Sweet Potato Dog TreatsPlato Pet Turkey Sweet Potato Dog Treats


Homemade Dog Treat Maker

Many pet owners have decided to stop buying commercial treats altogether. Instead, they make their own, and a growing number of dog treat makers have hit the market, such as the Bake-a-Bone treat maker shown below. If you like to give your dog treats, over time, this device will save you a lot of money because it makes it easy to whip up your own goodies right at home, in just a few minutes. Bake-a-Bone also provides gluten-free and organic recipes. Many dogs, as well as people, are unable to tolerate gluten, a wheat protein found in most processed foods.

Bake a Bone Dog Treat MakerBake a Bone Dog Treat Maker