Dog Greens

Green Supplement for Dogs

Dog Greens contains organic or wild harvested spirulina, alfalfa, chlorella, barley grass, wheat grass and Irish moss. It contains no fillers and no ingredients from China. These greens are very good for your dog, in moderation, of course, because they can greatly help with the detoxification process. They also contain vital micronutrients that might be missing in your pet’s diet.
This can safely be given to pets of all ages, even puppies and kittens. In our house, we are very committed to holistic pet care. If my own dog were elderly or sickly, I might think about giving him or her these greens to see the response. If I noticed increased energy and vitality, I’d continue giving this supplement, stopping for periodic breaks, and then adding it back again. Of course, this should all be done while working with a veterinarian.

Dog Greens Dietary SupplementDog Greens Dietary Supplement



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