Dog Calming Products

dog calming products

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Natural Remedies to Calm Dogs


Trips to the vet can be traumatic. So can outings in the park, if your dog happens to get nervous when other dogs are around.
Pups from animal rescue shelters may be especially skittish when you bring them home, and they may always be a little more sensitive to change than most pets. I know this has been the case with our own dog, whom we adopted when he was a little over three-years-old, we think. Trips to the groomer, for instance, will still make him shudder.
Certain breeds seem to be more temperamental than others. Some dogs also hate it when the vacuum cleaner comes out. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to keep your pets out of the house when you need to clean.
Airplane rides or kennel stays can be other occasions of stress. Then, there are occasional fireworks and loud thunderstorms.
Life also throws a lot of curve balls, for people as well as dogs.


Dog Calming Products That Work


Fortunately, many of the natural remedies that help to relieve anxiety in people do the same in dogs.
Many plants contain natural sedatives that work very well at taking the edge off. Of course, you should use a formula made especially for dogs, as some medicinal herbs, which are good for people, may be poisonous for your pet. This is why it’s a very good idea to discuss it with your veterinarian, whenever you plan to use a new dietary supplement.
One homeopathic product known as Rescue Remedy is perfectly safe for people or pets. It is widely known in Europe, and is becoming more popular in America.


Homeopathy for Dogs Anxiety


Developed by Dr. Edward Bach, MD, a British physician who studied conventional medicine, but later became a homeopath, Rescue Remedy is a mix of five flower essences that can bring about feelings of peace and well being. It’s often recommended by alternative medicine practitioners, as well as by veterinarians, during a period of stress. For instance, one use might be to ease the adjustment of bringing a new pet into the house.
Or, it could be given to a shelter animal that’s having a difficult time adapting to new surroundings.
There are special formulations of Rescue Remedy made just for pets, which contains the same preparation as the human formula, except without the alcohol. This makes it safe for smaller creatures, such as birds or reptiles.

Rescue Remedy For PetsRescue Remedy For Pets

Rescue Remedy for Pets Dosage


Rescue Remedy is not designed to be taken continuously, but just for times when it’s needed. Only a drop or two is needed, so a bottle will last you for years. This is a very economical option for canine stress control, especially if you have multiple pets.


Can Humans Take Rescue Remedy for Pets


There is also no reason why the pet formulation of Rescue Remedy couldn’t be used for people, as it contains the same mix of remedies found in the human version. However, the pet product is formulated without alcohol. I’ve owned a bottle of Rescue Remedy for over a decade. I could take it orally, but I don’t have to. Sometimes, I just put a drop on my wrist and rub it in, for immediate stress relief.
Like all homeopathic remedies, I use it on the principle that less is often more, and never take it longer than needed.
What I like about well-selected homeopathic remedies is that homeopaths believe they heal at a cellular level. Because the body and mind are interconnected, negative emotions can lead to illness. Dr. Bach found that his remedies often improved the overall health of his patients by resetting their thought patterns.


Chamomile Dog Treat


Bedtime Bones are dog treats¬†designed to help your pet sleep, and also to calm him down if he is stressed. The active ingredient is chamomile, a medicinal herb often taken by people who wish to get a good night’s sleep.
These dog treats treats are made with nutritious ingredients, such as oat bran, eggs and organic rye flour. Our own dog is now 15 and going strong. One thing we never did was give him low quality treats.

Chamomile Dog TreatsChamomile Dog Treats

Richards Pet Calm


Richard’s Organics Pet Calm is a formula with a blend of herbs that work in synergy to calm your pet. It’s designed to be used shortly before a potentially upsetting event, such as a visit to the groomer. It is also good for travel, or if another animal joins the family. The active ingredients are Valerian, chamomile, hops, passionflower and skullcap.

Richards Organics Pet CalmRichards Organics Pet Calm


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