CoQ10 For Dogs

CoQ10 for dogs

CoQ10 for Dogs Heart

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A growing number of veterinarians now recommend a vitamin-like substance called Coenzyme Q10, otherwise known as CoQ10. Human doctors also typically tell their middle-aged patients to take this supplement to protect against heart disease, cancer and to protect the cells. It’s a powerful antioxidant that’s produced in the body, although levels naturally decrease with age. It’s known that people with chronic health problems tend to have lower levels of this substance, which is why supplementation is often recommended.
According to online holistic health expert Dr. Andrew Weil, MD, lowered levels of CoQ10 have been discovered in both humans and in animals.
The benefits of CoQ10 supplementation seems to be one of the few areas that mainstream and alternative medical practitioners seem to be in full agreement. Although I don’t like to take vitamins or dietary supplements, unless they are whole herbs, this is one that I make an exception for.
Vetri-Science CoQ10 is especially made for dogs and cats, which need lower dosages than humans.

CoQ10 Dietary Supplement for DogsCoQ10 Dietary Supplement for Dogs



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