Homeopathic Health Supplements For Dogs

health supplements for dogs

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A growing number of natural health supplements for dogs are now available online. Some of the best ones are homeopathic formulas, designed for specific conditions.

That’s because homeopathy has the ability to bring about deep healing. So, in addition to providing symptom relief, it can help correct the problem.

These made-to-order homeopathic remedies are especially good if you can’t find a veterinary homeopath, or a knowledgeable practitioner who treats humans, but has experience with animals. Although individualized attention is the most ideal situation, sometimes this isn’t possible. You may not be able to find anyone in your area. Or, a personal homeopath may be too costly an option.

Dogs respond very well to homeopathy, provided the right remedy is given. But there are hundreds of choices. Even under the best of circumstances, it can be tricky finding the best match. It’s also difficult to take the case of an animal, as they can’t describe their symptoms.

But remember that I’m not a vet. Just a dog Mom. So remember to work closely with your own vet, and ask him or her to make the final decision about using homeopathy on your dog.


Homeopathic Health Supplements for Dogs


The principle behind homeopathy is to give a minute amount of a specific substance. If taken full strength, it would cause the same symptoms you’re trying to alleviate. The remedy then pushes the body toward healing.

This is much different than a drug-based approach, which suppress symptoms. Homeopaths view symptoms as the body’s attempt at balancing. They use these distress signals as a guidepost.

A company called Vetionix has developed a line of remedies just for pets. Each formula contains multiple remedies in varying potencies.


Homeopathic Supplement for Dog Arthritis


For instance, the Vetionix homeopathic Arthro-ionX is designed for dogs with pain, stiffness and mobility problems. It includes two dozen of the most common remedies often prescribed by professional homeopaths to address discomfort and difficulty walking. One of them is homeopathic Rhus tox. This is often given for stiffness during initial exertion, which loosens up after walking. Bryonia is a good overall remedy for pain during any type of movement. This formula also contains the cell salt Calcarea fluorica, typically used to address a nutritional deficiency associated with mobility issues.

This Vetionix homeopathic dog arthritis formula is far safer than giving your dog steroids and NSAIDs, often recommended by regular veterinarians.


Homeopathic Arthritis Formula For DogsHomeopathic Arthritis Formula For Dogs


I’ve been using homeopathy on my children since they were toddlers. It’s also one of the natural remedies we use on our 16-year-old dog.

Although I’m not a professional homeopath, I’ve worked closely with two excellent practitioners. The best homeopaths encourage their patients to learn all they can about this healing modality.

One of the things I like about Arthro-IonX is that it’s formulated in a water-based solution. Many homeopaths consider this the most advanced way to give a remedy. The company says this product is safe for long-term use and that aggravations (a temporary increase in symptoms) are not a problem. The low-potency remedies in this product would greatly decrease this possibility.


Homeopathic Remedy for Dog Arthritis


However, if you notice a return of symptoms after an initial period of improvement, if it were my dog, I’d scale back on the frequency of dosing or discontinue the remedy for a couple weeks. (Also I’d run the water bowl through the dishwasher if this is where I had been putting the remedy.) Homeopathy is very safe, but sometimes harmless “aggravations” can occur as the body rids itself of toxins.

What I also like about Vetionix is that customers can communicate with two in-house holistic veterinarians. The website also contains a lot of information about alternative animal medicine. All natural remedies, including homeopathy, work best in conjunction with a good diet and a healthy lifestyle.


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