Giving Homeopathic Remedies to Dogs

Giving homeopathic remedies to dogs

There are excellent dog homeopathic products on the market. Some of these may offer an option to working with a professional.

Homeopathy is amazingly effective, for people as well as for animals.

You’ll probably get best results if your dog is seen by an experienced homeopath. I realize, though, these practitioners are not always easy to find.

If you don’t know of one that lives nearby, it also possible to work long distance. (When my children were little, we used homeopathy when they were sick. Our homeopath at the time lived several states away. Despite that fact, I believe she helped my children a lot.)

Please remember that I am not a veterinarian or a professional homeopath. So anything I write here is just my personal opinion only, and not intended as medical advice.

Unfortunately, experienced homeopathic vets are rare. You should be very wary of an animal practitioner who dabbles in this healing art. That’s because you may get bad advice that could potentially increase your dog’s symptoms.

A better choice would be to seek out a very experienced human homeopath. My own homeopath treats mostly people. But she also knows a lot about animals. So I feel very comfortable calling her when my elderly dog needs a remedy.


Giving Homeopathic Remedies to Dogs

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Anyway, in homeopathy, there’s such a thing as the “minimum dose.” This is the smallest number of doses needed for healing. Exceeding this, too many times, can inadvertently increase the symptoms you’re trying to eliminate. So, whatever discomfort your dog suffers from will increase. Typically, this is temporary. But these types of “aggravations” can be intense.

There are some good combination remedies on the market. These are designed to address a particular set of symptoms, in a wide range of animals. They might be worth a try, if you can’t find a good homeopath. However, if it were my dog, I’d be cautious with the dosing.


Does Homeopathy Work For Dogs?


Many of these products state that it’s okay to give them several times a day, over an extended period of time. A lot of professionals don’t recommend this. My own homeopath tells me to stop giving more doses once I see an improvement. Then, she instructs me to watch and wait. Only if the symptoms return should I give another dose.

For instance, imagine that you’re following directions on some of these products. You give your dog a remedy three times a day. This may be way too much, depending upon the state of your pet’s health. In general, frail, elderly dogs may not be able to tolerate repeated doses of a remedy. Imagine what would happen if a skin condition was “aggravated.” Unfortunately, a dog would probably scratch until he or she was bleeding.

Oftentimes, this bad dosing advice is compounded by the suggestion to put the remedy in your pet’s water bowl. But unless the bowl is thoroughly cleaned and put through at least one cycle in the dishwasher, with strong soap, your dog is getting repeated doses.

Homeopathic remedies are highly diluted and heal on an energetic level. They also become stronger with each dilution. If you pet a remedy in your dog’s bowl, dilutions will continue. And you can guess the rest.


Homeopathy for Dogs Itchy Skin


For best results, try to work with a professional. If that’s not possible, operate on the principle of minimum dose. If you give a “wet” or liquid remedy, put it right in your dog’s mouth. Or put it in a disposable bowl, so you can easily remove the remedy.

My personal favorite way of administering canine homeopathic remedies is to put a dry pellet in enough butter to cover it. Most dogs love butter.


Homeopathy for Hot Spots


A number of canine homeopathic formulas are available online. Despite what the instructions say, if it were my dog, I’d always operate on the minimum dose.

Here’s an example of one of the wonderful wide-spectrum remedies for dog. It’s sold by a company called Vetionix, and the purchase comes with telephone support. The company has two holistic vets on staff that can field questions. Derma-IonX is designed for dogs with itchy, irritated skin, which possibly causes hair loss. (Regular vets often treat chronic skin problems with steroids, which can cause serious side effects.)

Homeopathic Remedy for Dog Skin ProblemsHomeopathic Remedy for Dog Skin Problems