Fluoride Free Water For Your Dog

Fluoride free water for your dog

Unfortunately, we live in a community that puts sodium fluoride in our water supply. This nefarious practice started as a means to prevent dental cavities. Or at least that’s what the general public was led to believe. Whether or not “treated” water results in better teeth is a matter of great debate.

Fluoridation is widespread throughout the United States. But it’s very rare in European cities, where only a tiny percentage of the municipal water has added fluoride. But people in Europe don’t seem to be suffering from increased dental decay, compared to Americans, according to the Fluoride Action Network.

Fluoride Free Water for Your Dog

If you have added fluoride in your public water supply, your dog will be consuming this toxin if you fill his bowl from your tap. My own 13 12-year-old dog drinks either filtered water or bottled spring water, as does the rest of the family.


Tap Master Water Filters

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It’s well known that fluoride can disrupt the action of the thyroid glands. At one time, doctors in Europe and in Latin America gave fluoride as a medication to people with overactive thyroids. Amazingly, in light of this, it is now added to 70 percent of municipal water supplies in the United States.

In people, fluoride has been linked to thyroid disease, as well as diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Knowing this, we only use non-fluoridated water in our house, for cooking as well as drinking. Of course, we also fill our dog’s bowl with filtered water.

On our kitchen counter is Tap Master Jr. filter, shown below. This removes nearly all of the fluoride in our tap water. It was a much more economical solution than installing an under-the-counter reverse osmosis filter. One time I had to call the company because I had a question on filter installation. The customer service was incredibly helpful.

Those pitcher-style filters that you see in department stores remove chlorine, but not fluoride, which has a tiny molecular structure. This allows it to slip through the filter.

Getting the fluoride out of your water will be good for your dog, and the rest of the family as well.

KItchen Counter Top Water FilterKItchen Counter Top Water Filter