Essiac Tea For Dogs

Essiac tea for dogs

I just read an online story of a woman who had several dogs, of different breeds, diagnosed with cancer, one after another. This type of scenario is heartbreaking. Unfortunately, it’s increasingly common.

Although I am not a medical expert, or a veterinarian, it appears as if there’s an environmental component, much as there is with people.

As a dog owner, I believe information about all of the treatment options should be readily accessible, so we can make the best decisions for our families and for our treasured pets.

Please understand I am not an animal healthcare expert. I’m not recommending or advocating any specific treatment. All of the information here is presented for discussion purposes only, so you can share it with your vet. If at all possible, try to find a practitioner who’s open minded about alternative medicine.


Is Essiac Tea Good for Dogs?


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Anyway, here is the story of Essiac herbal tea, a blend that most likely originated with a Native American healer.

According to the historical account, in 1922, a Canadian nurse named Rene Caisse was caring for an elderly woman, who had a large scar on her breast.

This woman informed her nurse that many years ago, she had breast cancer. Unable or unwilling to undergo surgery, she took the advice of an Ojibway medicine man, and began drinking an herbal tea. Her tumor then began to die, and she lived many more years.


Essiac Tea for Dogs


For a number of years, Caisse operated a clinic in Bracebridge, Ontario, where she dispensed her herbs. Judging from the number of testimonials, of people who’ve been cured of their cancer, it appeared as if she had, indeed, stumbled upon a safe, effective and non-toxic cancer treatment.

You would think this would be hailed as a breakthrough. Instead, though, Caisse was hounded by the medical establishment, until she was forced to abandon her physician-staffed clinic.

In perfect world, Caisse’s work would be widely disseminated and studied by the mainstream medical profession. Cancer patients would know just what herbs to take, how long to take them and whether they were, indeed, slowing the growth of their tumors.


Essiac Tea for Dog Cancer


However, there is much disinformation about Essiac, so much so that it’s nearly impossible to get the straight story. A number of competing companies claim to have the “original” formula, or a superior blend.

Because there appears to be virtually no recent studies, on people or on pets, we’re left largely in the dark about this once viable cancer treatment.


Can You Give Essiac Tea To Dogs?


At the moment, there are more questions than answers about what Essiac tea can potentially do for cancer.

All we have are a number of online testimonials about the effectiveness of Essiac, which is Caisse’s name spelled backwards. Although doctors will dismiss this “anecdotal evidence,” a “terminal” cancer survivor, canine or human, should be taken seriously.

Yes, a well-designed controlled study would be much better. But it doesn’t seem as if anyone is embarking upon this research.

If my own dog had cancer, he’d likely be taking one of the Essiac preparations, along with various other alternative therapies, in addition to an organic low-grain diet.


Essiac Tea for Canine Cancer


I’d also have to work with a holistic dog expert to arrive at the correct dosage for a dog of his weight, as my Cocker Spaniel would need less than a full-grown human.

Actually, I believe it’s very important to work with your vet before giving any natural remedies to a pet. Certain medications may interact. Also, herbal remedies should not be given to pregnant dogs or to young puppies.

Your vet should have the final word on whether your dog should take Essiac tea or any other herb, and when your pet should stop taking it. Herbal remedies are not meant to be taken indefinitely.

Herbal Essiac TeaHerbal Essiac Tea

Ojibwa Tea for Dogs


Update: Unfortunately, I’m now writing this post from personal first-hand experience. Our own dog was found to have cancer about a month ago. I know he’s had it for longer. But it reached the point where we needed to bring him to the vet for a growth on his lower eyelid that suddenly enlarged and began bleeding. She ruled out infection.

I didn’t want to put him through a biopsy, since she was sure it was cancer. This has been a difficult chapter in our lives. But we’re trying to fight it naturally.\

He’s eating organic food and taking a well-selected homeopathic remedy. We are also giving him an herbal blend called Ojibwa tea, which is made from the same herbs nurse Caisse used in her original formula. We’ve been very happy with Ojibwa. The reason we used it is because we already had some in the house. I take it periodically to help relieve my nerve inflammation, which I manage without drugs.

Anyway, if you can’t find Ojibwa tea locally, you can get it online.

Ojibwa Herbal TeaOjibwa Herbal Tea

Giving Essiac Tea To Dogs

Can you give Essiac tea to dogs