Essential Oils For Hot Spots In Dogs

essential oils for hot spots in dogs

Hot spots are inflamed red patches that can appear on your dog. They are especially common in elderly dogs, often as a result of allergies. These infected areas are painful and itchy. You may notice your dog frequently chewing or scratching this area, leading to more irritation. As it progresses, you’ll also likely notice some fur loss.

These patches often flare up in the spring, when pollen counts are high. Instead of sneezing and sniffing, your dog may instead have an unpleasant skin reaction. Hot spots can also appear if your dog eats a food he’s allergic to.

Working with your holistic vet (hopefully, you’ve been able to find one in your area), you can try to identify the source of trouble and remove it. If it seems as if it’s related to diet, you can maybe discuss switching to hypoallergenic foods.


Natural Treatments for Hot Spots in Dogs

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Since I’m not an animal healthcare expert, I can’t give advice on treating hot spots in dogs. Nor can I promise that you’ll see the same amazing results that we did. All I can do is share my experience. So all medical questions must be directed to your vet. Please consult with your vet before you decide to use essential oils on your pet. Never use them on a pregnant dog.

When our own nearly 15-year-old dog developed a hot spot on his back one spring, we suspected seasonal allergies. (People around us were also suffering.) Other than keeping our dog inside more, and feeding him food that supports his overall health, we decided to treat the inflammation with a mixture that included lavender essential oil.


Natural Remedies for Hot Spots


We wouldn’t consider giving him antibiotics or steroids (mainstream veterinary treatments) unless we had no other choice. I’m convinced our dog has enjoyed longevity and relative good health because we’ve adopted a holistic approach.

Essential oils contain powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds. For centuries, before the rise of large pharmaceutical firms, these aromatic oils were first-line remedies. Used correctly, they do not have the serious side effects sometimes seen with prescription veterinary medication.


Essential Oils for Hot Spots in Dogs


A quick Internet search turned up a number of essential oil recipes for hot spots. Most of them contained lavender essential oil, which is considered very soothing for a dog’s skin.

Here is one recipe similar to the one we used. (Various hot spot recipes are available, with lavender as a base.) Our dog only needed one application of essential oils to clear his irritation. But check with your (preferably holistic) vet for a more individual treatment plan. I always tell pet owners to consult their vet before using essential oils on their dog.

The brand of oil I recommended is one I often use on myself, as well as on my dog. The quality is excellent. So I feel totally comfortable about recommending it to my readers.

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If essential oils didn’t relieve the hot spot quickly, our next step would likely have been homeopathy. We’ve been using homeopathic remedies on our dog for years, with great success. However, we’ve also had the good fortune of working with an excellent professional homeopath.

Since these practitioners are very hard to find, I realize not everyone can have their dog treated by a homeopath. But there is another option I wanted to tell you about.

There’s a wide-spectrum homeopathic remedy called Derma-IonX. It’s designed for dog skin problems. The company that created this formula also has two holistic vets on staff that are able to answer questions. Derma-IonX is a mix of various individual remedies often recommended for skin problems.

Homeopathic Remedy for Dog Skin ProblemsHomeopathic Remedy for Dog Skin Problems


Even though frequent dosing is recommended, if it were my dog, I’d stop Derma-IonX when I saw significant improvement. I’d only consider giving additional doses if I saw a need. (At least this is how my own homeopath prescribes remedies.)

Essential oils for dog hot spots

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  1. My dog doesn’t have red spots but she’s been biting and scratching alot.She has made little bumps on her body.What could it be ?

    1. Hi Connie, thanks for reading. I have no idea because I’m not an animal healthcare expert. All I do is write about natural remedies I use on my own dog. I always urge my readers to take their animals to a holistic-minded vet. These practitioners are at the forefront of natural, drug-free treatments. I hope you find some answers.

    2. Connie, I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you. I can’t give you an answer because I’m not an animal healthcare professional. I would recommend taking your dog to an holistic-minded vet to see if he or she can figure this out. You may also want to visit a veterinary homeopath if you can’t find a solution. Best of luck to you and your dog.

  2. I made a salve last summer. It is a recipe that I found on the internet for minor cuts and burns. I collected calendula flower petals that I grew and dried them. I then soaked them in olive oil in a jar for 4 weeks and then I strained them and made my salve. I used lavender oil in my salve and kept it refrigerated. My dog was licking her tail to the point that it became raw. I tried a few things to try to heal it but it didn’t work. I finally decided to try my salve on her and it worked! I did 2 applications and it healed it. This is a testimonial of how wonderful essential oils are to heal even on dogs.

    1. Hi Diane, this is wonderful to hear. I’m so glad this worked for you. Thanks so much for reading my blog.

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