Essential Oils For Dogs Health

Essential oils for dogs health

In recent years, people have once again discovered essential oils. These highly aromatic plant essences have been used for thousands of years. However, in modern times, they’ve taken a backseat to prescription drugs.

Now, though, a growing number of people are learning about these natural remedies. In addition to potentially improving our health, these aromatics smell great. Used properly, they are very safe. They also don’t have the side effects associated with drugs.

Of course, pharmaceuticals have their place, both in human and veterinary medicine. But for minor ailments, I like to use essential oils.

For instance, I’ve stopped taking OTC pain relievers altogether. That’s partly because they never helped me much in the first place. I have better luck with essential oils. A drop of two of aromatic oil, mixed with a carrier oil, relieves my headache in seconds.

However, I’m not advocating that you stop taking drugs and switch to aromatics. Weaning yourself off a prescription medication must always be done while working with a professional.


Essential Oils for Dogs Health

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Please understand that I’m not a vet. So this article is not meant as medical advice. If you do want to use aromatics on your dog, discuss this first with your vet. (Never use them on a pregnant dog.)

I recommend working closely with your vet. If possible, try to find a holistic practitioner. That’s because he or she is less likely to recommend drugs as a first-line treatment, when more natural choices may exist.

In our house, essential oils are used regularly. We even used a recipe we found in the Internet to clear up a yeast infection in our dog’s ears. The recipe below is very similar to what we used the first time we oiled up his ears. We only used a tiny bit of this mixture, just what could be absorbed by a Q-tip. Then we applied a little to the parts under his ear flaps that we could see. We were careful not to touch any areas we couldn’t see.

Although, because I’m not a vet, I can’t tell you this will help your dog. But I can share what’s worked for our now 15-year-old pet.

Our dog is a Cocker Spaniel, a breed that’s prone to ear problems. So we periodically been able to do touch ups on his ears to prevent the raging redness from returning.

Anyway, when using essential oils on our dog, we use them very judiciously. A dog’s nose is much more sensitive than a human’s. For instance, some people use lavender essential oil to calm their pet, just before a trip to the vet or the groomer.¬†Dogs need to sniff only a minute amount of this aromatic oil, because of their acute sense of smell.

If you’d like to learn more about using essential oils on your dog, here is an excellent resource. It includes recipes for various essential oils that can be used on your pet.

Essential Oils for Dogs ReferenceEssential Oils for Dogs Reference