Dogs Eating Honey

dogs eating honey

We all know that honey is good for people. But what about dogs? And what about puppies?

The good news is that most adult dogs can safely eat a little honey. If your dog is diabetic, talk to your vet first.

This amazing and delicious food is very rich in certain nutrients, such as the B-complex vitamins and various minerals. If you buy raw, organic honey, you’re also getting a lot of trace minerals in just the right proportions.


Dogs Eating Honey

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I could not find any information online about giving honey to puppies. So this is a good question to pose to your vet. Don’t do this unless your vet says it’s okay. Dogs grow fast. Meanwhile, there are plenty of other things to feed a puppy.

Many dog owners also like to put honey on their pet’s “hot spots,” those patches of red, inflamed skin that often plague older dogs. That’s because honey contains infection-fighting compounds. I probably wouldn’t do this for a young puppy unless may vet signed off on the idea though. As we all know, dogs lick their fur.


Can You Give Honey To Your Dog?


Adult dogs can have a little bit of honey. But always talk to your vet before trying any new food. This is especially important if your dog has digestive problems or other chronic health issues. So let your vet have the final say on whether or not your dog eats honey.

We don’t give plain honey to our 16-year-old Cocker spaniel. Instead, if I use it in a recipe, we typically give him some of our people food, which he loves. However, we don’t do this if the dish has any ingredients that dogs shouldn’t have, such as onions.

You can read more here about Human Foods That Are Toxic For Dogs.

But stay away from the honey you see on supermarket or you find in the drugstore. It could come from China, where batches have been found to be adulterated, with other substances, and doctored to taste like honey. Even some of the popular brands were found to be questionable.

So, if you’re going to feed your dog honey, or any food with honey in it, make sure it’s the raw, organic variety with the USDA certification.

If you can find raw local honey all the better. This should be okay even if it’s not certified, as long as you can speak with the hive owner directly, to inquire how the honey is harvested.

Since I don’t live near a local beekeeper, I order my YS Eco Bee Farm organic honey online. I believe it’s the next best thing to local honey.