Dog Treats With Charcoal

activated charcoal dog treats

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Dog biscuits made with charcoal as an ingredient are available online, although it’s a little hard to find them.

There’s also limited information about when to take them, for how long and why you’d want to give your dog treats with charcoal. These biscuits are typically given for indigestion and to freshen the breath. But, if you decide to give them to your dog, it’s always a good idea to check with your vet.

A holistic vet may know more about charcoal dog treats than a conventional vet. But all vets are familiar with activated charcoal, which is given to dogsĀ to help them detox after an accidental poisoning. Because of the way this charcoal is processed, it’s extremely porous, with a lot of surface area, so it’s able to absorb a mind-boggling amount of toxins.

Charcoal also may have a therapeutic value that extends beyond this type of crisis. Some dog owners give their pets bone charcoal treats to mask bad breath. However, chronic halitosis may be caused by tooth decay, a metabolic disturbance or something else that requires medical attention. So you’ll to work with your vet to determine the cause.


Where To Find Dog Treats With Charcoal


Dog treats that contain charcoal may also be given to dogs that suffer from excess gassiness. These might be a good remedy if used on a short-term basis, because there’s some question as to whether they interfere with the absorption of nutrients. (But, once again, your vet can guide you.) With humans, activated charcoal supplements are not recommended for continuous use.

Charcoal dog treats shouldn’t be used as a do-it-yourself poison antidote. For one, they probably don’t contain enough charcoal to be effective. Also, under these circumstances, your dog needs emergency professional help. Charcoal dog biscuits are not the same as charcoal briquettes, used for grilling. The latter are toxic and should never be given to a pet or mixed in homemade dog treat recipes.

If a dog has digestive issues, and you wanted to give him charcoal treats, I recommend consulting your vet to see how many you should give and for how long. (If it were my dog, I’d only give these treats for a limited time before taking a break.) Hopefully, you have a holistic vet who can guide you on the best course of action.

Please understand that I’m not an animal healthcare expert. I’m a dog owner who is passionate about natural remedies, which I use on my own 16-year-old Cocker Spaniel.


Charcoal Dog Biscuits for Gas


There are now a few brands selling charcoal dog treats. One of the best (ingredient wise) and most reasonably priced I was able to locate is Darford Naturals Charmint Dog Treat, which also contains the herbal digestive aids peppermint, parsley and rosemary. Other ingredients include wheat, pork liver, oats, wheat germ, molasses, flax and brewer’s yeast. The charcoal is bone charcoal, which I’m guessing would resemble what a dog would eat in the wild, if he came across an occasional animal killed in a forest fire.

Darford, which specializes in dog treats, is located in British Columbia, but has plants in the United States and Canada.None of the ingredients in any of its treats comes from China. The treats made by Darford also contain real muscle meat, instead of meat byproducts. Click to View Price.

charcoal dog biscuits for gas

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