Car Window Pet Barrier

Car window pet barrier

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The Humane Society warns dog owners that letting their pets stick their head out of a car, when it’s moving, is very dangerous.

I’m not sure anyone knows how often dogs are hurt or killed by jumping out of windows, in a moving car. That’s because statistics on dog injuries are poor.

For instance, we know dogs do get hurt this way. Because of anecdotal reporting by vets. You can also go to YouTube and find videos of dogs jumping out of car windows, as you can see below.

This is why it’s a good idea to install a car window pet gate. That way, if you want to put the rear windows down, your dog cannot stick his neck outside.


Car Window Gate for Pets

This expandable plastic gate shown below will fit most windows, and the wide holes allow for good air flow. It’s designed to fit into the grooves in your window, as well as over the glass, and is secured when you shut the window enough to hold it in place.
The Pet Parade Car Window Pet Gate can be stretched as much as 40 inches.

Car Window Pet GateCar Window Pet Gate