Pet Food Storage Bin

Plastic Dog Food Storage Bin

Have you ever seen little beetle-like bugs that invade your dog’s dry kibble, especially when it’s warm outside? These very unwelcome guests can get inside of your dog’s food. They will also seize upon any bits of kibble that fall to the ground, and are not picked up quickly. This is more of a problem for dog food that is located, for instance, on a screened-in porch where it may not be noticed. Pests such as Indian meal moths can also invade your household grains, so you don’t want them hanging around.

Tightly Sealed pet food storage containers are also necessary if you have a mice problem. Mice love dog food. (Unfortunately, I learned about this first hand.) So it does little good to set a trap when rodents have access to dog food. Actually, we use dry kibble to bait our electronic mouse trap, per instructions from the manufacturer.
One solution, other than switching to a grain-free food, which we put our dog on for health reasons, is to invest in an airtight dog food container, such as the one shown below. This will quickly pay for itself if you keep having to throw away food infested moths and beetles. It will also keep grain safe from house mice.
The Remington Airtight Pet Food storage bin:

  • Holds about 45 pounds of dry dog food.
  • Is easily transported because it has four wheels.
  • Is free of hormone-disrupting Bisphenol A, or BPA.
  • Allows you to see how much food is left in the container.

Air Tight Pet Food Storage ContainerAir Tight Pet Food Storage Container