Outdoor Dog Houses

Unique Luxury Dog Houses

We’re all familiar with the standard dog houses with a rectangular base and a pitched roof. But the homes below are a bit different, as well as attractive abodes for your pet. They are high-quality homes that give your dog a lot of room to stretch out. They will also look great in your backyard.

Dog House With Loft

This beautiful dog house made from cedar wood measures 26 by 29 by 21-inches, and can be used outdoors, although it would work equally well inside. Assembly is easy, and the parts included are the house itself, the balcony, the steps and the lattice work along the top. The green pillows you see in the picture below must be purchased separately. The The house is called the Merry Pet MPS002, and its product description clearly says it is meant for smaller dogs, so if you have a large breed, it won’t be suitable.
One plus that this house offers are legs, so the house is raised from the ground. This will keep your pet dry when it’s raining or wet outside.

Dog House With LoftDog House With Loft


Dog House With Patio

The Pet Squeak Porch Pups Dog House seen to the right comes in various sizes. However, as with dog clothes, some styles of dog houses tend to run a little small. So, when in doubt, always order the next biggest size. Also, a bigger house gives your pup more room to lie and sit in different positions, and to move around a bit.

On this particular house, there seems to be some discrepancy on the product description. The size chosen is large, but the house dimensions say medium. In any event, the stated measurements are 31.8 by 26 by 30.5 inches.

The house as well as the “porch” are also raised off the ground to keep your pet dry outside.

Dog House With Front PorchDog House With Front Porch


Pink Dog Houses

What makes this dog house so interesting is its pink color. The cute little heart over the doorway also adds a special touch. Designed for girl dogs, this slope-roof house comes in different sizes as well, and here you see the large. This dog house, as well, has a raised floor to keep your dog dry and reduce the likelihood of water damage to the wood, if you put it outdoors.
This large style weighs 18 pounds and measures 22 by 22 by 22.8-inches.

Pink Dog HousePink Dog House


Large Duplex Dog Houses

The Merry Products Duplex Dog House shown below is designed for two pets. However, because of a removable partition inside, it can also be used for one large dog, as it’s sometimes difficult to find houses big enough for the largest breeds. This is much larger than the other houses shown on this page, measuring 73 by 39 by 42-inches. The generous door openings are each 30 by 30 by 40-inches.

Duplex Dog House for Large DogsDuplex Dog House for Large Dogs