Leopard Clothes for Dogs

leopard clothes for dogs

Dog fashions are getting ever more sophisticated. There are outfits for nearly every occasion, including formal black tie events. You can also dress your dog as if he’s going to the work. Or, you can outfit him in a cool beach outfit.

Nowadays, you’ll find all sorts of choices, if you want your dog to be the best dressed pet on the block.

You’ll find canine clothing printed in bold fabrics, designed to make a statement. There are plaids, ginghams, camo and, of course, leopard prints. Who ever said cats and dogs don’t get along?

Anyway, leopard print outfits look adorable on dogs. Many of these items of clothing and other accessories are made from warm fleece. So they have the added advantage of protecting your pooch from rain, snow, sleet and cold. They are perfect for a crisp fall day, or a frigid winter morning, or a rainy spring afternoon.

For instance, the hoodie shown below is practical as well as stylish. It can be used for lounging around the house, when the temperature dips. Or, your dog can wear it in a costume parade, or for a special family photo. It’s available in sizes ranging from small to extra, extra large.

As a rule, it’s more difficult to find large-sized dog outfits and costumes. Most seem to be made for smaller animals. Also, many styles, depending upon the manufacturer, may either run small or large. This one may run small.

Warm Hoodie for Dogs

Leopard Hoodie for DogsLeopard Hoodie for Dogs


Warm Dog Jumpsuit

This comfy hooded, two-piece fleece bodysuit is made by Klippo Pet. This will keep your pooch nice and warm, since it’s made from polar fleece.

Leopard Print Hoodie Fleece for DogsLeopard Print Hoodie Fleece for Dogs


Small Dog Bomber Jacket

This adorable polyester leopard bomber jacket is the height of fashion. The jacket shown here is made for smaller dogs. So you’re in luck if you have a chihuahua or little Yorkie. It’s designed to be easy to put on and take off.

Leopard Dog Bomber JacketLeopard Dog Bomber Jacket