Indoor Dog Houses

Indoor Fabric Dog Houses

A great selection of soft indoor dog houses that collapse for easy storage are now available. They can be used indoors or on a screened-in porch. They are a nice soft place for your pet to snuggle, and also provide extra warmth. These plush environs are also great for taking on a trip, so your dog can sleep in his own bed.

Soft Collapsible Dog House

This cute and comfy dog bed is padded on the inside for comfort. (Those of us whom own dogs know how much they like to rest on soft spaces, as opposed to a hard floor.) It comes fully assembled and measures 17 by 16 by 18-inches when it’s standing. It also easily collapses flat when you don’t wish to use it, or want to pack it for a trip. It comes in a choice of three colors; tan, as you can see here, as well as red and blue. Please note that this house seems made for smaller breeds.

Portable Dog HousePortable Dog House


Indoor Cloth Dog Houses

This model with the cute paw prints and classy bow is a little larger than the one shown above, measuring 20 by 20 by 20-inches. Still, it is probably more suitable for smaller breeds, such as Pomeranians. It is padded on all sides, and can easily be cleaned in cold water.

Dog House that CollapsesDog House that Collapses


Large Fabric Dog House

This is the largest of the three houses shown on this page, and it measures 22 by 22 by 22-inches. The doorway is 12 by 12-inches. However, it is clear these houses are designed for smaller pets, although two small dogs appear to be able to fit. All of the houses shown would be perfect for cats, as well as small dogs.

Soft Dog House With Paw PrintsSoft Dog House With Paw Prints