Dog Water Dispenser

Auto Dog Water Dispenser

It’s important to keep your pup (or pups) well hydrated, especially as the temperature rises. Water bowls need frequent refilling, which can be time-consuming, especially if you have multiple dogs. Elderly people, or anyone with joint problems and stiffness, may also have a difficult time bending over repeatedly to fill a water bowl. Also, people who are away from home much of the day may want to think about automatic dispensers, so their dogs never go thirsty.
The Critter Concepts water dispenser shown below will hold five gallons of water and does not need to be plugged in, because it utilizes gravity.

  • The Critter Concepts dog water feeder does not require back-breaking lifting, or inverting of the container.
  • It rolls to a spot where it can be filled, and then rolls back to where you want your dog to drink. The wheels lock to keep it in place.
  • Everything is easy to clean. The tray can be removed if bits of food or dirt get inside.
  • One recommendation if you want your dog’s water to stay cool in the heat is to freeze a plastic water jug and place inside.
  • This pet water dispenser is BPA free.

Five Gallon Water Dispenser for DogsFive Gallon Water Dispenser for Dogs